Severe lag on official server - should certain builds be removed to help?

We are all familiar with lag on servers, but the one I am currently on is getting severe. It is an official pve-c EU server. I have been on it before but this second time round it is clearly much worse.

There are a lot of big mega bases which clearly are dragging it down. But there are some unoccupied huge ‘show pieces’ which are not bases, you can get in and clearly unoccupied but not decaying. Although they are fantastic to look at ,if they are unoccupied and so huge, surely they are not helping the lag?

So with that in mind, I am tempted to check for those particular unoccupied show piece builds with admin if they should be removed? I don’t want to seem a grouch but the lag has got terrible. What you think folks?

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If its making it difficult to play on, well, perhaps its time to return it to the Earth…

That will have to be at the hands of Admin as this is pve-c haha :slight_smile:


Crom works in mysterious ways

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I feel the lack of communication or even acknowledgement that xbox is so broken to be rude.

FC is aware of console play state. Lag from everything now that servers dont crash as often. Combat, the most common activity during play, is completely broken. Anything above 2 - 3 npcs attacking you WILL result in character death. The npcs are broken and do not stagger from attacks by players. Npcs walk through the final and biggest hits from any melee weapon combos. Healing is wicked lame in its current design.

The server stability is there now. But that is the only good point to an update that took years of requests by players and months of work by FC.

FC dosent even acknowledge the state of xbox now. They just keep adding more to it without repairing the huge negative impact from achiving server stability. Months and months have gone by. No fix, just more content to make more lag and bugs.

The xbox version of CE is to what i referred as xbox being broken. The version. Not the hardware.

Used to have alot less lag from the same model xbox. Since the Stability patch was released disconnects and crashes have lessened, but everything else is full of lag. At least on xbox.

Fix one thing, break everything else by doing it. Then ignore the situation. That seems to be the policy at FC.

Seems like noone wants to acknowledge it…

Yes to their credit the game crashes a lot less, I could not even visit Black Galleon in the past. But bad lag and stuttering is still an issue. I have done everything I can to fine tune my own xbox and my internet speed is good, so some fault must be in the game itself too

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The lag in combat is the most detrimental affect from the stability upgrade. It makes the game hardly playable still, just for a different reason now…

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