Does FC plan to fix xbox combat lag?

Months and months have passed since we have had server stability fixed. The servers still crash, but nowhere near as frequently. Thanks FC.

But the stability patch FC released just before IoS, back when posts were rampant about boycotting IoS until CE works for xbox, has left xbox in a lag state since release.

Combat is the worst of it. Npcs do not react as they have in the past to player or thrall attacks.

Even the thralls suffer from combat lag. My thrall accepts staggers and interrupts. The npcs that pile on him constantly stagger him whilst my thrall cannot apply a stagger to any of the 5 npcs attacking him. So i run away to save my thrall. Go back to camp and log off. Like everybody else.

Stability is great. The lag effect is too greatly terrible as is.

FC says nothing about it. Ignoring it as a problem. Letting it continue. Focusing on other things, like dlc to sell for a game that is near on impossible to play, as is.

Feel the same way? Make FC aware of it and how it affects your play. Tell em what you expect before you come back or continue to log.

I cannot be the only console player to witness their thrall struggle while being constantly interrupted. The few hits my thrall lands do no interrupts or knockbacks. The combat lag makes it seem like there are 2 different sets of combat scripts. One for npcs and one for player and thrall toons. Like they follow different rules. It has killed pve combat.

Pvp is not uneffected. When i can naked guy and run around 3 members of the same clan and survive for almost 5 minutes, then something is wrong.

Fix one issue and break everything else.

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