Xbox stability even worse after todays update

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The stability for this game on xbox has been horrible for quite some time now but todays update amplified the lag, unrendering and crashes 10 fold. Sure the followers I spent hours leveling up are definitely nerfed into the ground but that seems to be the only thing this update achieved other than making it unplayable both in solo and on the server I just rented. I honestly believe the only way it will ever get fixed is for everybody to petition Microsoft to remove the game and dlc’s from its store. I hope Gportal at least does right by me and refunds my money for the server. Yet another game with so much potential gone to waste.
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Play the game on xbox…that easy.

Okay, now that you vented, take a deep breath and give back constructive coherent criticism.

Right now i all i get is I am angry about patch. I have no idea what stability is broken. Building stability, server stability, mental stability??? The only thing informative is that you were sarcastic about thrall HP nerf, which means you probably don’t like that.


Lag , derendering and crashes to dashboard same things that have been happening and complained about for months, except now instead of being able to play for an hour or so its more like 2-10 mins. Literally the only reason I wear warpaint is because it acts as an early warning system, when it goes all fuzzy you know you have anywhere from 30 seconds to 2min to try and get somewhere safe before the game crashes. Even the opening cinematic is a laggy mess that won’t let you skip it now. And yes I am venting about a product I paid for, what is your reason for a snarky, conceited reply.


@tpblue I read the list of things in the update in there Ignatius says it may require a couple of server resets before everything works properly. Wait 2 days or try shutting down your server a couple times. Good Luck.

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I will try that, thank you.


I wasn’t snarky, just wanting to hear what the actual problems were, and see if any other people experience those. It is called troubleshooting. It’s broke is not going to help. The info you just posted now helps to try and decipher what could be going on. And if more people have those complaints, then it is the patch. If only a few have those, the more info in a post the more things can be researched for commonality to solve the issue.

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Side note, if you are on private, and have amdinned in certain thralls, they could be causing issues. I posted an issue about 3 weeks ago about G-portal telling me i had a corrupt .db on my private from placing a thrall that wasn’t supposed to be placeable. I have asked Funcom to research and return the list of known non official thralls that can do this to help others not have to reset a server 1 week back to a save state.

So again, if you ar adminning in things, be careful they could be adding to issues.


Thanks for the tip, I did admin in one thrall to see its base stats then broke bond right away. I will try a fresh game and as a last resort delete and re-install the game as none of the old tricks are working. At might at least fix the opening cinematic which is lagging so bad it takes forever to get through. And sorry for the jab just frustrated as I’ve been trying to get friends interested in the game which was hard enough in its previous state but if this is the way the game is gonna be for any length of time I won’t even be able to play myself.


Getting the same thing’s as everyone else crash curruption detected deleted reinstall same thing


Yeah I really wish they would give you to ability to roll back your game and private server to before the pets update, you could literally play all day and never have a single issue, no lag and no crashes. Those were the days.


Understood. Venting is not bad. But to get the most help, try to be a specific as possible. The community here will always try to help identify work a rounds or solutions if you give details.

Anytime someone complains about the game being a total disappointment, that person gets flagged as enemy number one. I have been playing Conan for over a year and I am well invested in this game and there is nothing worse than wondering when the game is going to work and when it isn’t. Since day one this game has crashed and cannot load without going into your offline game. that has not been fixed and has been requested by many people to get fixed. it’s been several months since I’ve played the game, because of being wrongfully banned because of somebody else’s problems. but I think it’s really sad that if I ever want to go back to playing Conan I have to go back to the same freaking game I started. And to think that they’re going to release new content to these people is disgusting when they cannot fix the problems. The problems just escalate to the point where people quit the game entirely. I think it’s pretty sad that people pay lots of money for the DLCs and Conan never seems to get fixed. Sounds like a scam to me

  • Lagging cinematic when start the game,
  • when in main menu it says some files are correpted pls reinstal the game (reinstalation never helps)
  • unable to see thralls’ ration,
  • no longer able to craft flawless items in carpenter’s bench
    All my friends have listed issues

Just wait… More issues to come i am sure…

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Clan mate & I are playing on two different x-box ones in the same house. Playing on public server. Starting yesterday (8/20/20), we have:
Gotten cinematic lag/can’t skip.
Gotten “corrupted” message. Uninstalled, reinstalled, still getting corrupted message.
Are getting thrown off anywhere from right away to an hour’s play.
One time, got thrown off, reloaded, character had died/lost all inventory. No loot anywhere even though reloaded immediately.
Both of us are having the same issues on 2 diff. x-boxes at the same time. :expressionless:

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Prediction… Everyone waits two days, same problem.

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Looks like you are going to be right. Probably why Sony kept it in authorization. I sorry you Xbox folks have gotten screwed hopefully this gets fixed soon.

Quality control is something manufacturing supplies must do.
I love this game, but seriously, WHERES THE QUALIITY CONTROL?


For anyone that doesn’t know. You can skip the cinematic if you spam the A button.

Funcom seems to live by the PC development motto “don’t worry about breaking things, you can always push out a hotfix”. Because, after all, if things go sideways you can shovel out fix after fix to Steam and call it a day when things are stable again. On consoles, this is a profoundly bad idea, particularly on the Xbox, because of the amount of time it takes each update to be certified.

I’m thinking back to that colossal cluster which was their “Halloween” event in 2018 which didn’t get fixed on XBox until sometime in mid-to-late November.

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