Xbox constant crash and other issues

Can’t even play because game crashes 5-8 sec after loading in!!! Tried repeatedly!! ‪but here are what my clan have noticed… many bugs after large update. First person completely screwed up as well as can’t even be in first person with melee tools and wepons!! Thralls will not keep wepons we give them equipped and constantly moving we’re they are not to be such as running from other side of large well into base and standing in groups on stairs and in doorways!! Game crashes are Also greatly increased!! I crashed 10-15 within a hour and my internet averages 70 mbps so it is not my end!! All of our wheels of pain were destroyed by update dropping everyone and everything out of them!! All of the boxes and benches were also destroyed at on of our bases dropping everything as well!!! But hey love some of new tools and farming!!‬

Bump. Having the same issue. Game dashboards after 3 seconds in. I’ve tried clearing cache, I’ve tried playing other servers and going back, I’ve tried everything I can think of and still get dashboard every time I log in.

Same. Still getting crashes when logging in to server. Whole procedure with crashes and restarts takes about 30mins. Then i can usually play without crashes.

Just lost my corpse for a third time, all gear lost. Game is in a bad state. I laugh at all the hype about how successful the launch was. The game is complete crap right now from disappearing offline servers to crashes to lost corpses. I am done with the game. Hope they fix the issues for you guys, good luck.

I also am having crash issues it resolved when I deleted and reinstalled but it only lasted a couple hours and is back to crashing again I have not seen any word on when this might be fixed am really hoping to get some word about a fix soon.

Dashboarding every time i start playing. Then i have to go singleplayer and then try online again. Sometimes it sorks sometimes not. I also get pending connection failure quite often

June 18 2018 - crashes xb1 - log into official server- been playing for a while on this server- a few minutes in after character spawns at my home-immediate crash-I’m sure they’re working on it- just a little frustrating to be this far and into the game and not be able to play-ping @ 65 and server not full 6/40 - nothing on my end - ark loads and plays fine - elder scrolls online runs perfectly- fall out 4 rocking it- Conan is the only one that keeps crashing- I don’t want to start playing ark again- I may have to though

had a plethora of the same issues, then reinstalled the game, which fixed it…