Constantly getting dashboarded

Game mode: [Online | pve ]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [eu ]

Can someone please help every time I try to play online it crashes gives me a black screen and then back to dashboard on xbox one. I’ve tried until installing the game clearing the data router resets. It’s now become unplayable
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.try to load
2.try to load
3.try to load
4.try to load

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Everyone on Xbox is. The only fix is to play single player for 5 minutes or so and then quit to menu and go online. This doesn’t work for everyone though.

To OP. Make sure you select OFFLINE MODE else it won’t work. You don’t need to be 5 minutes in the SP game. Just launch OFFLINE, wait for it to load, quit right after loading. 100% sure it will work after that.

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It’s quite annoying, Funcom’s staff should be focused on fixing this issue. We deserve to play without being worried about it.

Agree hopefully tommorows patch fixes this I am really struggling to hold onto this game

Same here. I’m still having to uninstall & reinstall after updates. Can only play so long before the game just crashed and sends me to the dashboard. I’d really have all this stuff fixed rather than getting doc content.

I stopped playing another game because of issues like this. I love this game. But, if it doesn’t Get better soon…I’ll stop playing this game too.