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Hello. I play on an xbox one platform. I have been having issues with crashes. I load the game normally but after just a few seconds, it crashes. I have done soft factory restore, hard reset, gone to a single player game then the online game and it still happens.

I really enjoy this game and would love to continue playing online, but have no idea how to resolve the issue. I will add that before the most recent 6.9 gig update I could play normally as well. Is there any way this can be fixed on my end? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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I have the same extract problem. Only on official servers. The server I rent has no issues but I dashboard 10+ times trying to log into an official server. This is ridiculous.

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Play single player offline for a couple of minutes. This worked for me every time.

This happens to me and my friends everyday. Pretty ridiculous at this point that it’s taking this long to fix. This should of been priority. Can’t play a game that doesn’t run. I usually load up single player offline first. Then go online but unfortunately that doesn’t work so well you will still crash eventually. I was going to rent my own server but I wouldn’t invest anymore money into this game until the crash are fixed. Would be a damn shame if you pay money for a server and it still crashes on you.


I do appreciate the advice, but I have tried this multiple times. I’m not sure what’s causing the issue. I’d really like to play the game but just can’t. Absolutely nothing is working.

Hi @Dunxican, which console model do you have, and is it on a wired connection?

Could you try to perform a full reinstall to discard any possible issues that could be present due to the patching process?

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I am on an xbox one x. I have uninstalled and reinstalled to both my internal and hdd. I have done it multiple times with the game still crashing.

I also did a soft restore and cleared the cache to no avail.

Before last update I just load first in offline coop, and after on online and the game not crash too much, but after this last update my game crashes all the time even loading the offline first.

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I’m running an Xbox one X and having the same issues with crashes, thralls just standing there and not returning, purge enemies spawning in my base. All on single player…

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Comigo igual impossĂ­vel jogar

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And yes it does have a wired connection, sorry.

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