Still dashboards on entering online game

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I get there is a work around for this, start in single player then start again in online. But that is rediculous. This has been going on for waaaaay too long. If I told the customers at my work, that they needed to perform a task so my job was acceptable I would be fired.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.start game pvp
3.throw controller
4.start game 2 more times for a total of 3 just to play online…

Hi @Weare138, could you please share a few additional details regarding this issue:

Which XBox model do you have?

Do you have your game installed to an SSD or HDD?

Is the console stable playing other demanding games?

Have you tried to reset the console cache?

Do you experience the issue in any server or a specific one?

Have you noticed if the area where you’re logging into influences the dashboarding?

It’s a pretty universal issue on XBox, but I’ll throw my info in as well.

XBox 1X (but it also occurred when I played on the XBox 1)

SSD (also happened when I used both internal and external HDD)



Any server (only ever played NA PVP officials)

I pretty much only ever log out in base, but in every base on every server that I have played I’ve experienced the issue, it’s intermittent and sometimes it will happen every time I log on while other times I will go weeks without having the problem. I have yet to find a pattern as to why it happens.

This is a well known issue.
I would be curious, if there is any XBox Player, who can play the game without this Workaround (log in SP, log off, enter MP).

There has been (as it feels) a zillion threads with this issue already.

For Instance:

Thema: Xbox one X - Crash to desktop accessing online game

It’s an original xbox one, no it doesn’t happen with games that are finished… it only happens with ark and exiles. Doesn’t matter where I log out. Does happen when I’m out gathering resources and come back to base. And it is a very modest base. Small for an exiles base.

I’ve never met one. In fact, whenever I am helping out new players this is generally one of the first tips I tell them, since it can be quite a nuisance and if you don’t know the trick you’re likely to crash many times before realizing that something is happening other than a random glitch.

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