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Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: America

So first i need to say that i love this game and i buy it last week so im pretty new in this. But my problem is one of the most common that exists i this good game, is about entering a public server and the kick me to the Xbox menu and im kind of sad and angry that i cant play this game so in my ways to play i found a method that let me play until today, first before enter the game i delete the data saved, my profile and the game data too and when i enter again everything goes well and let me play all as i want but today i woke up and go to a play and little and the i do all i explained and the kicks me out so i try everything nothing works. Please Funcom fix this is the most vital problem in Xbox. Thanks

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Gets in to game
2.Enter public server
3.Kicks out in less that 5 to 10 seconds

All you need to do is load the single player in offline, leave the game then load into any public server and it should work every time!
Loading into single player decreases the time before you crash.
When I play for hours straight, every 4 hours I would do a “single player check” to avoid crashing at bad times since I play on pvp servers.

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Hi Balderick,

Thanks for the advice, this actually work and let me play like all the day so thank you so much

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No problem : )

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Would be nice if they fixes the issue

Hello @Kameka, thank you for letting us know that this workaround helped.

Regarding the dashboarding issue, we’ve fixed a few instances of this crash in the previous patch and our team is currently looking into other possible sources, apologies for the situation.

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