STILL Crashing to dashboard, even after so many years

Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash
Region: UK

I have recently returned to the game after a few years to notice that dashboard crashes are not just still prevalent but have actually gotten a hell of a lot worse.

No matter how many times I download this game, after a few hours my game will start to continually crash to dashboard after just 20 seconds of logging onto the server.

When I restart the game the data apparently corrupts, I get a message telling me as such. I then try and play and experience consistent crashes after 20 seconds of server time.

When I reinstall, I can play for an hour or two before the same happens.

I’m on an Xbox one S, my internet connection is fire, and I experience this issue with no other title.

I’m not being funny when I say that this is unacceptable year’s after release. Maybe you should stop creating more content and fix the content that’s broken. This was an issue years ago.

So time for a truthful answer, can you or can you not fix this issue? Because it seems to me that you have maybe screwed this games base development and you can’t find a patch to fix it.

If this is true, then you better get your wallets out because I will want my £120 back.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Boot up game.
  2. Be subjected to 30 seconds of the laggy and broken intro movie (please give us an option to skip this before it starts to lag and stutter, fix it or remove it)
    3.spend 10 excruciating minutes staring at the screen while it loads into the server at the slowest possible rate for any game known to man.
  3. Run three steps forward before a black screen crash to dashboard, and repeat. (I might make it back to my base this year).

You don’t need me to upload a video to show you the issue, I’m sure you have received millions of these over the years that your broken game has been release.

What we want is an answer to the following:

  1. what have you done so far to try and fix this issue?
  2. What are you currently doing to fix the issue
  3. After so many years with the same issue, is it even fixable.
  4. If it is possible then when will you release the patch?
  5. If it is not Fixable, are you going to refund everyone that experiences this game breaking bug.

You will be directed to the bug reporting pprtion of this forum. You will likely be thanked for you time reporting the bug.

You will not, ever, get a definitive answer to any of your questions. The devs do not know how to fix XB, prolly never will. Its a lost cause. The forum members that actually post on XB category has decreased substantially. FC is just getting around to addressing the XB community and the instability issues stemming from OOM crashes. 0 progress made over the last 3ish months…while the XB community dwindles and fades…so few of us to carry on the fight…


What make me boil is the fact they still release DLC. They can take the time to make more content and money but not fix the game for the community they rely on. It’s broken marketing and they are now relying on the fact that the game industry as a whole has gotten sloppy amd lazy and more importantly, rely on the fact that we just accept that. They clearly do not care about their player base, or fan support.

Bring back the age where devs were committed and skillful and didn’t rely on online updates to get sloppy and lazy with development.

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The best way to fix funcom is just stop buying their games at this point most of us no now they don’t gave 2 sh… about what we say that’s y they are about to release the new dlc map and it’s gonna be unfinished with a road map of updates lmao just like a funcom employee reading the forums

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Yup, I’m out after all our thralls decayed when “decay timers were disabled until Jan 21 on Xbox”. That was a flat out lie.

Even the forgiving long term players are abandoning ship. That’s not a good sign for any company. After so many years and so many apologies, nothing changes. Good riddance. I hope this post finds its way to a stuffy FUNCOM exec corporate Zoom meeting one day when they try to understand what happened.

Any response to this will be ignored, but have fun apologizing for optics and saying good luck and we’re working on it. You’re not. I hope you learn a lesson here, I know I did. Goodbye FUNCOM, what a failure.


They meant buildings not thralls. Oops Funcom. LMAO. Sorry cant help but laugh at that one. And wonder why they cant fix the game. Do they have high school kids working on this? Think they would at least go college level. Or do they not check references on their people. Yeah I’m a computer programmer, you can take my word. Dont need to check his/her job history, they said they were programmer. Lol for real.

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The only thing companies seem to understand is lawsuits and revenue loss. If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit for selling a product that is advertised as a game but instead is a nightmare of frustration, let me know. This is a bait and switch. I’m out over 100 bucks now. I pulled a lot of cable to earn that money. Being stuck inside I needed an outlet instead I’m just pizzed off as hell.

They will just use the beta excuse. The game is still in beta so you should expect things to be constantly changing. That way they can get around those pesky lawsuits. You bought an unfinished game will be their defense. Good luck finding a lawyer. If you do, I will gladly sign up, and I dont want any money. Just want to see them take it off xbox store, so they aren’t taking some kids money. Not everyone sits at a desk pushing buttons all day, some of us actually labor for our money. So give hard working parents a break and quit ripping off their kids Funcom.

Was on today for my weekly peek and checking bases ( don’t trust the timer thing ) and was booted about 4-5 times in an hour. Typical and crap!

I have the exact same issue on Xbox One in the US. Mine stutters through the beging logos and cut scene, loads for about 10 minutes only to crash to the desktop without letting me take a step in game. I have uninstalled, hard reset, and reinstalled several times with no improvement. I play in single player mode, and have no desire to play online. I just want to play the game I bought.

It has it’s bugs but the game works semi-OK for me, Xbox One, SP/PVE.
I have the game installed on an external SSD.
Performance is meh to OK at best, I’ll never build a castle/city.

In no way does the above excuse the inexcusable neglect of the game on consoles.
Runs like garbage in the hills, especially when it rains which is 85% of the time.
Randomly crashes when accessing Settings or the Admin Panel.
Randomly crashes period.
Wondering if XB Series X may help but can’t get one.

Oooo! I can fix this for you. It’s actually a pretty simple fix. This was happening to me too. Create a single player game. Play for 5 minutes. Exit back to the menu and join whatever sever you were playing on and it will stop kicking you off every 20 seconds.

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