Xbox Hotfix (21.05.2018)

Hey everyone!

We have now rolled out a fresh patch for Xbox with some crash fixes. All official servers should be up to date. Thank you!

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Time frame when servers should be back up and running?

Sweeeet. :crazy_face: 832mb. Am getting it right now thanks

They’re running now SocomExile. Update your game :scream:

Dope :smiling_imp: can’t wait to improve my base

What issues were patched with the latest update? I am trying to find the link that shows the list of bugs squashed.

My xbox crashed a couple times right after the update. I had to play on single player for a few minutes before I could play online to fix it. Also when I got on my support beams were not working and 6 of my middle tiles of my roof were gone. Hard to keep people out of your base when you’re missIng 6 ceiling tiles.

After this update I can no longer get into any server or start a solo game, I am suck on loading screen after server selection, the loading bar progresses a little way and then stops, tips seem to freeze but the background music still plays.

Can someone pliease offer some advice?

Can you please give us link to see hotfix details. So we may help figure out if hotfix created new bugs.

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Since the update, Im running into an issue were every time i log into the server, it loads i can move for about 10 seconds and then the game crashes. Wether i move or not doesnt seem matter since ive tried that too.

I reset my system but im out of ideas. Its rather frustrating.

Another update that’s suppose to fix the crashing and I’m still crashing as often as I was.

Try a “Hard reset”

Play Single player for 15mins, that usually works for me.

After update I can’t even get the game to load to the movie every time I try it dashboards. I have hard reset like 20 times thinking about reinstalling? Would that even help? Sometimes it dashboards as soon as I see unreal engine… was not like this b4 patch :sweat:

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Can’t seem to figure out what you actually fixed having the same problem load in then crash

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Experiencing instability inside my base since update, pvp, official servers

Same here avg ping 350 ish which is 100 more than previous 2735

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So, can we please finally get the thralls fixed? Or will these forever stay at a near death status…? Really annoying not having the thralls being able to heal. Makes them more than just useless

I had a pretty low ping today, not sure the exact number but it was under 100, only 35 people on the server, I would kind of just teleport or bounce around once in my base

Fix your game wtf!!! Still getting kicked and loosing my sh