Xbox Hotfix (26.01.2021) - Crash fix

Greetings Exiles,

We’re releasing a hotfix addressing some unhandled exceptions in regards to Xbox Live queries. We’re still working on several improvements and fixes to reestablish stability and performance on the Xbox platform. You can read more about it in our latest Producer Letter on the XB1 stability issues.

Thanks for your continued patience and support, and stay safe!


  • Fixed a crash related to Xbox Live queries.

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Im downloading the patch now. I pray it doesn’t break something else and will do fixes to crashing like you say it will. Thank you for doing this since it has been months with no fixes and so many who have quit. I myself have had heated words about the progress of the game on console, but this has been my fav game ever and become angry when something I love gets treated so badly. Please keep up the work for console players and dont leave us behind. My download is near finished, so lets see how things go? Thank you for this and I hope you will communicate with console community more often, even if just to say hey, we see you. :grin:


O crash continua,não vão conseguir resolver esse problema?

As stated in the thread, this hotfix addresses a specific crash issue.

Additional fixes to other crashes will be released as soon as possible, together with performance improvements, thank you for understanding.

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What specific issue does this hot fix address?

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So no update for the original Xbox owners then! Only the next gen players enjoy the support? Why not just state that was the going to be the case! You guys do realise that the large majority of players are still on original Xbox right? …right? So we’ve been looking for this update to no avail! Will the original Xbox receive an update/hotfix or not?

Lol nothing

Can we get like keyboard and mouse compatibility on Xbox?

Same song and dance nothing changed still crashing and I’m on a new x lol game is dead to me you guys keep putting out updates that do nothing

You mean Xbox one not original Xbox came out of Xbox one I have the updates they’ve released including this one so I’m not sure what you’re saying or talking about could you clarify please

I have an original Xbox one and I have received no update…the crashes are still there 3 times in 20 minutes on a PvP server, best part is I was the only person on at the time.

I don’t know what level of sorcery you’re capable of, but if you got this game working on an original Xbox, then wow, just wow. That’s impressive. Looking forward to playing on a SEGA port.

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Ok I had the update but in my section it said error twice but it was downloading it while it said it was ready to download load it is your internet limit for me the updates was less than 8GB if it’s not limited then is automatically updated on for yourself cause mine is and it was downloading it while it was in off and go to you need updates click on it and just leave it there for an hour with no other games running and it might pick it up try that if possible to see if that helps if not let me know and if still no then start a Xbox bug thread so it’s easier to help you and others so we don’t have to go through lots of posts to get and read yours

FML! Xbox ONE! ( 1 ) the original big black door stop! The original Xbox One! Not the updated smaller version or the one X or the s or the series X… this gets confusing but Nowhere did I say 360… It’s the original Xbox one…

Yeah I did a restart (I’ve got my console set to instant on) and it picked it up on the reboot… thanks for the reply buddy :call_me_hand:see if it’s in a better state of play tomorrow.

Glad to hear now you can try that next time knowing it might get the downloading on the Xbox

Great my wife got the Xbox one S and I have the new Xbox Series S and we both still crashing to desktop in fact Right after patch downloaded… On first startup I had first startup crash. Like I mean who is actually testing these patches… Conan Exiles is simply just not playable on Xbox

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I been playing CE since launch on Xbox. Still has the same crash issue . You can make a new character on a new server , play all day no issue. Get to about lvl 40… then crash . Log into single player co-op ,log back into your online character and play for 45 minutes to a hour …crash, rinse repeat. Could you spend some time to fix this? I think it has been long enough. Fix your server packet/ saved data issue. Please. It’s starting to be sad. Edit: ps. Putting a message on the start screen telling me I have corrupted files and to reinstall is not fixing the problem. I did reinstall and it immediately crashed and gave me the same message.

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Nope im done. Give me my money back.