Producer Letter on the XB1 stability issues (VI)

Our Project Director, Scott Junior, would like to address the Xbox community with an update regarding the current situation with stability issues:

Hello Exiles!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year’s. Over the past month we have been continuing to investigate crash reports with the additional logging we added in December. We currently have a fix in testing with our QA department that shows some promising results. We will continue to test this build over the weekend and if the current results hold, we plan to submit the patch sometime next week.

In addition, we have started working on a version that will allow the Xbox Series S and X consoles to launch the client with a different device profile. This will allow the client to access the additional CPU, GPU, and memory that is available on the Series S and X.


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Just hope it works i would love to start playing again sadly i did lose all hope thanks for the update


I was hoping to hear about this sooner or later. Here’s hoping we can run around the highlands and mounds of the dead without those annoying crashes. Let alone no longer staying out of the volcano for that same reason.


Thank you for the intel. We will be waiting with fingers crossed.

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Is this going to help fix all the invisible npcs and lag issues as well?


Thrall porking… get rid of it…

Waiting with bated breath in hopes to play for longer than 20 minutes before crashing! Good luck and Godspeed.


Honestly if he didn’t add the second paragraph I would say there may be some hope, but unfortunately that addition just strengthens my belief that we will never be playing CE again without a new system. Hope I am mistaken but not reinstalling quite yet.


If you’re on single player offline they may still do that do to load but online server could if it’s connected since it has more power

Too late Scott, i have uninstalled, and i have no intention of returning to the exiled lands, i am not the only one…this will prolly be my final post. I am just too tired of the fustrations, and the BS. I have been an advocate for stability since my first post, it is not coming imo. So i feel i have wasted enough time and effort on this forum and in game. I have reached the point that so many others have, its time to give up. FC has waited entirety too long to address XB stability, months have passed since we have had a dedicated dev team, and they have yet to produce any tangible result…
I have never had an experience with any company like i have had with FC. I am almost 44 years old, lived on my own since i was 14, and have personally delt with hundreds if not thousands, of companies in my lifetime.

I wish the FC employees would get a bit of their own medicine. Maybe they get a coffee from a shop and its half full, no sweetener half the milk they ordered, and not stirred. When they complain, they get directed to a sign behind the dumpster outback that reads, “We sell coffee in an incomplete state.” Let them deal with that coffee shop for 3 years and then ask how they feel about it…my final advice for FC, You are not selling lemonade at the end of the driveway. You are a large company run by adults, prehaps it is time to act like it.


Both those things are a direct result or at least symptom of the oom problem, so solving the out of memory issue should go a long way in improving both of those concerns as well. CE is so poorly optimized it would not make things perfect on old gen but much better than now which is likely the best we could hope for given Funcoms past track record.

Funny, when I order coffee at Starbucks, I specifically ask them to fill the cup only half way. I fill the rest with half-and-half on my own. :coffee: :milk_glass:

I play on a xbox series S and to be fair all I am amazed at how great it is without one bit of lag. Now that being said the crashing is still there so I will totally support you all and can whole honestly say it is there without a doubt.

We have three Xbox’s in the house, 2 x standard xbox ones and 1 x xbox series S and conan is installed on them all. My Series S has it on its internal fast drive, while one xbox standard has it installed on HDD and other standard has it installed on a external drive. Because they are all installed in different ways it’s easy to say that there is a problem across the board.

Onto the next bit.

I used to play a game back on xbox 360 called (payday2), some of you may know it. For the whole time they did nothing the devs didnt about the crashing and all the bugs and this went on from release till end of the xbox 360s cycle. I’m not aiming that towards these devs which I’d just like to point out for a start. However the payday devs would go onto releasing on xbox one, yes with the same build just new content. So yes, we was still having those crashing, eventually they had no choice but to ask Microsoft for help (not saying these devs need help), they sound alot more capable. Anyway Microsoft sent some of there team in to work with there three other dev teams to find a solution. Yes now we can get to exactly what this reminds me of and what Microsoft found out. The problem was that there was a memory leak which was causing the game to crash. Now Conan exiles crashing looks and reminds me of that exact same issue as the Payday 2 devs had, Microsoft knew this and had it fixed in a week.

So yeah all those years and months hardcore players kept to the game, annoyed but stuck with it. Hopefully this next build works, yet if it doesnt maybe Funcom maybe willing to get Microsoft in on it. MS must be very knowledgeable on this issue to of come in and sort it all out where three dev teams couldn’t for a very, very, very long time…


They are/were in communication with Microsoft about the issue; see the first producer letter linked in the main post^.

Yeah I was one of those people that played pay day on the 360 it was a night mare some days but hire me out 360 Xbox one see what I’m saying things got better with the x one conan worked on the x one i got 287 days of game play on the x one my point is the game worked on the x one clearly just because there’s a new jen does not make it ok for the dev how did break the game in September be allowed to give up on the old jen. Ok if they want to stop work on the old jen and not update it anymore that’s fine but they need to leave it in a playable state


“Decay Timers on XB1 have been temporalily extended”…*But not all! If you dont log in 15 days then ALL your fighter-thralls are gone. ALL purge fighters, gone! ALL your horses, gone. MONTHS of leveling, gone. Happy Holidays!

Me as player and forum member, gone!

See how it says xb1 stability but in the letter he mentioned nothing of the xb1 he’s talking about the Xbox s an x lol more bs don’t know if I can believe what they say anymore

Hope it works. But u see how short and dry this is. Alot of us cant even play and Funcoms just like we got something sometime next week. This is crazy how after the last 4 weeks how many of us are on the forums with an unplayable game and this is all the ‘‘explanation’’ if u can even call it that, we get. I hope it works but this doesnt sound promising and it doesnt sound like your confident either. I hope it works but im highly doubtful after reading this.

And here we are mid week and nothing

Not totally nothing. I see decay timers will go back online tomorrow ( 1-21-21 ) so be aware! Timers to start up again !