Producer Letter on the XB1 stability issues (VII)

Our Project Director, Scott Junior, would like to address the Xbox community with an update regarding the current situation with stability issues:

Hello Exiles!

This week we have identified the error that causes clients to frequently terminate/dashboard a few seconds after they connect to a dedicated server. We have a build that we are testing internally and with our external test department and so far the results are very promising.

Once we finish testing and verify that there are no new issues caused by this fix we will submit this to Microsoft for certification and release it as soon as possible. Our current goal is to release this early next week.

We are also continuing to looking at various crashes on XB1 and Series S|X and continuing to work on memory and CPU optimizations.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and we are looking forward to releasing the patch next week!

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Lets see if we get a response… My wife and I decided to try out Conan on our Xbox’s She has the older Xbox one S and I have the New Series S… We also decided to rent a server from Gportal so that we could play together without worrying about using addition resources of our Xbox’s . Now here is the problem … She can play fine for about an hour and then she will crash to Desktop and additional to that she also get huge Lags in the game in terms of frame rate drops that the game becomes unplayable… I on the other hand I have only the crash to desktop issue… This is my Question, given that what we can see on forums in the past, this seems to be an ongoing issue… WHAT can and if any Expectations could one have in the future… Does Funcom intend to fix this “EVER” ??? Is it not time Funcom starts paying attention to this problem. And show a little less interest in just dropping PC DLC’s so they can rake in more cash. Has Funcom never heard of the doctrine … A happy customer is an Ongoing Customer.


They only care now bc the new map is on its way. All these temporary fixes are so people feel like they are trying and purchase it anyways. I honestly wish funcom would fix it but i have very little confidence they can. I will not spend another dime on this game until the major issues are completely fixed. You’re only trying to fix it now bc u want people to buy dlc. Which is sad bc it never should have gotten to this almost unplayable state in the first place. Ill bet you any major update in the future just breaks it again nd all these changes wont mean a thing after siptah. Hopfully not bt can u blame me for feelin this way.


I understand that these problems can be frustrating for the xbox Users, but I do not get the impression that Funcom is ignoring this problem. On the contrary, it has been in the focus of the devs for weeks, what the many newsletters on this topic prove. In my view the further development of the PC version is actually in the background.


This is literally exactly the problems they are trying to fix. You say you read the other forums, but apparently not because the issues you listed are the ones they’re trying to fix. So yes, hopefully when they put out the update it fixes crashing issues like you’re experiencing.

People are saying they’re ignoring the issue because it’s been an issue for 2-3 years, and they’re only just now interested in fixing it because they want Xbox users to spend money on the new map coming out soon.

I did read the the CM announcement , the problem is I am not the only person who has complained about the exact same thing over the past year at least … So the " More Important question is " Are they reading their Consumer Complaints … That seems like a more fitting question than Questioning if their consumers are reading theirs … Would you not Think??? I am struggling to understand what is worse … Them reading the complaints and not Caring , or Them not Reading the Comments and not Caring … Both Seem Like poor Business practise, Would you not think ???

This problem does appear to be ongoing far far longer than just a few weeks… And what makes it even worse is that they roll out DLC after DLC for PC when std Vanilla Xbox users are getting nothing but a shaft…

Let me say this … I am sure Developing a game and running a live service game cannot be easy … No service industry is… Customers are hard to please. I get all of that . But I have spent my entire Adult Career in the service industry and the one thing I have learnt … is the following. 1.) Sell a Solution not a problem. 2.) Tell the truth . 3.) Be reliable. 4.)Be dependable .5.) Be consistent 6.) Take responsibility 7.) never be afraid of a challenge 8.) Acknowledge your Customers Concerns 9.) Address each customer as if they were your First and Last one. 10.) never Avoid your customer … Look them in the eye and show empathy. DO THIS AND YOU WILL ALMOST NEVER HAVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER CUSTOMER AGAIN.

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This post literally states they have found a solution to the crashing problem, I don’t understand what part of that you don’t understand. Yes it’s been an ongoing issue, and now they have a fix. Did it take 10x longer than most other devs? Yes. Are there reasons for why Funcom are different? I have my suspicions but I’m not getting into that here. Most importantly, and regardless of reason for why they are fixing it now and not sooner, is that they are fixing it now. Conan Exiles has been plagued with bugs, glitches, exploits, and crashes since day 1. I have seen improvements since day 1, albeit slow ones, but either way be glad this isn’t the early days.

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After a long hiatus from playing the game on Xbox(2020 March), my wife, her father and I hopped back on to play. We had previously rented a server for a year that had ended up being a great time because we could do anything without worry of online issues of raids. Cool.

Well we figured that we could just manage cooperative single player as a intro back into the game.

Holy… mother… of sweet baby (enter deity here)!

What is wrong with the game?

We have the intro movie scene glitching like crazy, super choppy and lag filled.
It has taken multiple attempts to even join someone on cooperative, connecting and getting immediately booted for failure to connect. Not even connecting at all at times. I’ve tried the connection trick for online where you play sole single player and run around for 5m or so, to reattempt joining, no dice.
I’ve even gone as far as uninstalling and reinstalling the game to get it to work.
Still the same issues. AND THIS IS SINGLE PLAYER CO-OP! Not even the main online game. What gives?

I’ve seen multiple YouTube videos, online forms and posts about the update 41 patch last OCT had caused a bit of bugs for the game.

It’s almost February 2021.

I loved this game since I first began playing the initial release and the flow of updates and patches then were amazing from the devs…

Now it feels like Xbox users are being left at the wayside.

Hopefully we can see a update fix soon. I won’t hold my breath though.
ARK: SE seems mighty fine right now… :smirk:

Funcom has been doing this for along time most of these updates have been ground work for the new map they more than likely won’t ever fix crashing but will probably make it better but crashing will always be a thing most of us that have been on these forums for the past 4 months mad because we can’t play the game with out crashing will more then likely buy the new map just saying i know from the past people be like I’m not buying the new dlc till they fix the game then they see someone with new dlc items and their like man that looks good then they go and buy it hell I’ve done it and most of you will to and if not then more power to ya

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September, the crashes(plural form) have been worked on since September. This is the FIRST patch dedicated to À(single form) crash. Dont be surprised it it does nothing, or makes things worse. 5 months, still no advancement on OOM crashes…doing great work FC!

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Are you serious? Not only are you showing that you have little to no care about the actual development process behind these issues, but now you’re actually shouting abuse over the internet? Really? Not a single person on this forum appreciates that kind of behaviour, and I’m 100% sure the devs don’t appreciate constant abuse being thrown their way about matters which they are aware of. Sure, voice your complaints all you want, but it isn’t helping anybody here, it’s just forming a mob mentality. The game is playable, far from unusable like your metaphor which needs work imo. I’ve been playing since day 1 and yes, the bugs and crashes really grind my gears, but I’m still playing aren’t I? If the game was truly as unplayable as you make it out to be then I would have moved on years ago, but as it is it is a genuinely fun game and any / all improvements the devs want to throw our way are much appreciated. Could the game be better? Nothing is a masterpiece, so yes of course. “Hard earned cash” made me laugh not gonna lie. it’s a few hours work at best in nearly every country, for what it is I’d say it’s fairly priced (although the DLC price is a different matter however). Either comment something constructive or leave, whining players that have nothing better to do than repeat complaints that have been said 1000s of times prior aren’t exactly welcome from my perspective. Devs should be encouraged, even when they leave a lot to be desired at times. Cyberpunk is the prime example of that.

On a more positive note, I look forward to the patch coming out this coming week which will supposedly fix crashing seconds after logging in, which I believe is the cause of most crashing complaints on this forum which quite frankly are getting tiresome to read. I feel sorry for the community team, but keep up the good work.

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I play on original xbox one. Xbox series x is an assumption “friend”. Confirming you have no respect for the process and that you have no respect for the development just proves you have no idea what you’re talking about. If you think it’s that easy to fix then fix it yourself, because I can guarantee these issues aren’t simple to fix or they would have been fixed long ago. Go boast about 1 like elsewhere, because here it makes you look like a joke xD. This particular crash has existed for a very long time, since when was this not an issue on xbox? I’d love to know your magical false wisdom please. A car without wheels is undriveable, and as conan is right now it is very much playable. There are games that cost a lot less out there and are a lot smaller in scale compared to conan’s many features; they are a small dev team of only 100+, and making what is essentially a huge survival game with a craptonne of features is never going to be easy to ensure everything works perfectly, even with a bigger team. Ok now you’re pandering, completely irrelevant argument about cash, when some of us actually do manual labour for that cash xD. They have acknowledged the problems, can you not see the many producer letters posted about this exact issue? 10 noticed valid complaints is just as good as 1000 valid complaints; you’re not helping anybody here.

I’m on Xbox one regular and it plays fine for me at all times it seems that for a strange reason the (oom I think that right spelling) is only affecting random people on all versions so he not lies about this part and it seems some affects on single player offline only and not online server and vice versa strangely

Now this is a response I can Believe… Because it acknowledges that others are having a Major problem with the game … Thank You

I have purchased the game launch day for Xbox and have all the DLCs but I will not give funcom anymore money until the Xbox version this is good as the PC version along with the free content that PC version has

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Didnt the players already come up with a work around for load to crash? Thats why we log in to single plyr before online…the new patch is focused on a crash we already know how to avoid…ridiculous…

Seriously tho, log to crash: you are in your base, surrounded by your thralls. Log in and crash out, safe at home.

OOM crash: you are knee deep in hyenas running from dafari warriors. Crash out, lose everything.

Which one of those bugs is more detrimental to the player? Whatever…ridiculous…