Producer Letter on the XB1 stability issues (III)

Our Project Director, Scott Junior, would like to address the Xbox community with an update regarding the current situation with stability issues:

Quick update on the XB1 situation and where we are at.

Last week we put out a patch that resolved one of the main causes for the corrupt file message. The error message players were receiving was due to a mechanism that was put in place to detect if corrupt/invalid files were received while patching/downloading the client. The same system is used for network traffic and there was a bug where a network packet was sent in an invalid format. This was triggering the mechanism described above and incorrectly displaying a message that your installation was corrupted. We have fixed the main cause of this so players should stop seeing this message.

Unfortunately the patch did not contain fixes for the client crashes, Out of Memory crashes, or dashboard issues that players have been experiencing recently. We have been able to add additional programmers to the strike team that is working on these problems and we hope to have a new version that addresses a few of these issues in the next few weeks.


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Thanks for the update. Hopefully this can get resolved. I truly miss this game, and ark just doesn’t cut it.


As always, thank you for the continued updates, much appreciated.


So the error message had nothing to do with the other 3 mentioned issues, issues that are actually causing the community problems? Why was it made a priority over the (to mind at least) more pressing matters of stability and playability? Personally I’d put up with an inert error message that is causing no other problems other than just being there over constant game crashes and frame rates that drop off a cliff…or maybe I’m ill informed, or just generally wide of the mark with my thought process, could anyone elaborate why it was made a priority?

EDIT … error message is still present!


Waneer is die patch beschikbaar

Thank you for the communication and efforts. I’d like to say I understand it’s difficult to keep old versions of a game prioritized when there’s new work needed on the new version… But these last two hot fixes do not even fix the one problem they claim to. The game now crashes more often than it did before the hotfix.

After years of working in the industry I have experience that tells me the better decision would have been to revert to the previous Xbox version back when all this first started several months ago.

That was the most stable version for xbox and while that would mean we get an older version than ps4 - that’d be ok because then we could actually play and not be stuck only coming on to spend hours reloading the game multiple times just trying to prevent our bases from decaying -and then having to play other games we don’t like as much as Conan.

We want you to succeed. We offer to help, but we don’t hear anything at all for months and when we finally do, it’s clear that the crash hasn’t actually been prioritized until now with this memo.

Then again, when you say it may take a few weeks, it doesn’t seem like you really have a plan to fix it in a hurry at all. I guess we will have to hope this is actually fixed when you bring the ps4 and Xbox to parity with the PC version (minus sipta of course) and no new game breaking bugs show up.

If you cannot revert to the last working version for xbox, communicate that. If there are problems getting resources from management, tell us that. If you personally decided that sipta fixes are more important than fixing the Xbox crashes, let us know. It’s best if we can understand what’s really going on. We wouldn’t have to guess and complain for months if you would just keep us in get loop with frank honest updates on the actual bug that is breaking the game. Best of luck. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help. We want the game to be playable


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Agree completely!

Ok, got it. Nothing being fixed. Understood. Well played Funcom, well played.


ngo problemas con conan exiles de xbox one!!! entro al server oficial y se cierra constantemente cada que entro en el server que estoy… no cargan del todo las texturas, y tardan en aparecer los objetos guardados en un cofre! desinstale el juego lo volvi a instalar, hice reseteo de la consola y todo sigue igual…

How come it has take months to come out and address PAYING players? I get everyone is super excited to make more money off is with the new game but come on. We pay for this broken experience? And you do nothing and say nothing for a really long time. And you cant ever release a fix that actually fixes the problem with out breaking it further.
There are serious issues to fix and as paying customers we should have had your company’s full attention. Instead you act like we don’t matter and your game is dying.
It could have been the best survival game on consoles! Could have been but now you dont stand a hope in hell.
And I’ll say this again here. Fix the follower the distance. Horse, animals and thralls pin you on inclines and it sucks!
It’s almost like devs don’t really play the game and have no idea what they are doing. And that’s one of the little problems you “should” be able to fix


This fix did not last.

game still crashes after startup. corrupt file message still around. Game randomly crashes/disconnects every 2-3 hours
building pieces losing stability that should not be. NPCs despawning when building blocks no where within 10 block radius. still a bunch of work to do.

i guess on the positive side… i found a Werk the T4 armorer spawn for the first time in 5 months…

cmon devs… 2 years after early access and we still do not have a stable game. you actually paying any of your programmers w/ all that money we collectively paid for this game?

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It looks like the OOM crashes are correlated to amount of “stuff” nearby. Just implement base build caps like Ark and force people to downscale. Double materials costs for bombs. We’d rather play the game with smaller bases than crash every hour.


I’ve never know a game to have so many major issues! Frequently, the environment fails to load and you have to stand there waiting…great fun when you’re being chased. In turn, this causes characters to fall through the map! And the game crashes…a lot…multiple times an hour. Changing clothing, dying clothing, walking…all just random things that cause the game to crash…not fun when you’re on a mount when you’re in an area where NPC’s spawn. You can even re-load to find your mount gone!
The environment needs to render faster and the constant crashes need to stop…I’ve paid almost £100 for this game!


I’ve got a very small base with almost nothing in it and my game crashes constantly. Plus, it even crashes when I’m nowhere near my base…and I’m on Single Player so no other bases nearby.

Y’all did read they said the patch didnt fix the crashes right. Just seems like a bunch of parrots in here repeating what they already said. Not trying to sound negative or rude. Just pointing out its silly.

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Next info?!? :thinking:

The patch did not even fix the msg nothing got fixed, so point ist out correctly…