Producer Letter on the XB1 stability issues (VIII)

Our Project Director, Scott Junior, would like to address the Xbox community with an update regarding the current situation with stability issues:

Hello Exiles!

It has been a few weeks since we released the previous update which addressed an issue that caused clients to terminate/dashboard seconds after connecting to a dedicated server that had other people playing. This update did not fix every instance of dashboarding or crashing in the game, but it has shown significant impacts in engagement length and play time (both increased by 10-15%).

This will probably be the last patch before we release the 2.3 console parity patch which includes a ton of improvements for the console version of the game. This version will also bring all the game related updates/changes that are currently out on the PC version of the game.

Some highlights of the optimizations for 2.3 and 2.4:

  • Updated game item object which will result in a memory saving of up to 100 MB when playing on heavily populated / built on servers. On the server side this will result in a savings of several hundred MB.

  • Modified Animation blueprints which will result in server side memory savings of up to 850 MB.

  • Changed how Inventory, Feats and other menus open so they are less likely to trigger Out of Memory (OOM) crashes. Also increased the speed at which they are garbage collected so prevent them from causing OOM crashes after you open them.

  • Updated the fixed object pool which was incorrectly set high on clients. This will free up ~150 MB of memory on the client.

  • Updated several textures/materials that were not using our texture streaming system.

  • A lot of minor tweaks that will save a small amount of memory on the client and server. By themselves they are not large savings but all together they will add up.

These changes are spread over the 2.3 and 2.4 version so the next time we update it won’t have everything, but it will be a big improvement for all three platforms and will greatly reduce the instability that exists on the Xbox One and Xbox One S.

Version 2.3 will also include device profiles for Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X that will allow the client to utilize the hardware improvements of both systems.

I will update again after we have released 2.3 on PC and set a date for the release on XB1 and PS4.

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This will be good news for the Xbox players

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Sounds like Playstation players too, as the letter does say that the improvements will benefit “all three platforms.”

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Sorry sestus it sounds good only if it works i know they are trying but it took to long most of the servers i go on are dead it’s gonna be hard to get people to come back after this and we are still waiting he didn’t even give a date it could still be weeks ahead of us. And by the way sestus how you been man everything good your way :smiley:

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It would be nice to have it this weekend but probably not gonna happen

Added clarification.


I will update again after we have released 2.3 on PC and set a date for the console release version.


I will update again after we have released 2.3 on PC and set a date for the release on XB1 and PS4.


The wait was worth it gg #ps4players

Up to date with pc is a lie because no Siptah dlc.

I miss read earlier thought Xbox had another patch coming before parity patch. That happens with reading during first cup of coffee.

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I still kicking. At work now waiting to get started not going to complain been working through out this Covid mess. We had a couple people get it but they cleared up in a week and are back now. Hope you are doing well.

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Yeah men me and the wife are good no covid but yeah I hope these updates start to work i no it’s hard on them working from home I’m just always optimistic lol good to see your still around :+1::grin:


Thanks guys hope things get better for all of us just remember always optimistic good luck hope you guys get it fixed soon


So siptah on consoles is suppose to come after this parity patch?

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if it does as intended … Fingers Crossed

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Can you fix 2582 I sent in emails and everything no response it’s been missing for a while now

Not looking like it. They are doing the patch to try to fix what they did to isle dlc for pc. Trying to fix our problem, caused problems to pc, so now they have to put some isle things to consol to try to fix what they did to core game. Isle is just a dlc, it still runs off core game. Thats why they are having some of the same problems we are on pc now. After our one update to fix crashing, pc started having some crashing issues. So i believe any patch we see will be to fix pc issues more then ours.

Its sad but its lookin like this game wont be fixed for another 6months. When is funcom gonna just admit that they have big ambitions, which is cool and all. But either you dont have the right personnel or you just took too many shortcuts in the beginning and now the base game code isnt stable to build on. Every fix breaks something else its just sad at this point…

Did anyone spot the Final Comment “I will update again after we have released 2.3 on PC and set a date for the release on XB1 and PS4.” Could some one clarify what this actually means? To me it sounds like PC 1st again and you xbox/console guys just shut up until after that… Am I wrong?

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To be honest I don’t think it’s like that as of late they said they are hiring more help to get better performance in terms of company not game mind you but it’s more of (figuratively yet literally) they have 8 coders and each coding guy gets 65 pages of code to work with and you tell me that you could manage that with ease but they had to much on plate for them to handle and given amount of work they have to do I can promise mistakes will happen often the got a big job/ due note it’s not they little guy who is to blame for to much to handle- but they just didn’t have man power in place for this and they have been trying to rectify that problem as of late but to many bad blood right now between everyone and everything but they are workin on it better and are working towards getting better preformed between game and their community all I can do is hope for the best