Xbox Hotfix (03.02.2021) - Dashboarding crash fix

Greetings Exiles,

As mentioned in the previous Producer Letter, and after thorough internal and external testing, in today’s hotfix we’re fixing a dashboarding crash that occurs a few seconds after joining dedicated servers!

Being one of the most reported issues affecting this platform, it will pave the way for further fixes and optimizations, which are currently in the pipeline.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to work hard to ensure that we provide a smooth Conan Exiles experience on the XBOX.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our latest Producer Letter.

Thank you for your continued support, stay safe!


  • Fixed the Dashboarding crash

Fantastic , Finally a fix that is worth waiting for… " fixing a dashboarding crash that occurs a few seconds after joining dedicated servers " … It is so nice that Funcom are doing all they can to make the game experience so much better for us… 8GB Download today … Thank you so much for this great fix … We needed it so badly … Oh wait it didnt work , On login to our Gportal dedicated Server had an immediate Crash to Dashboard … LOL , This is fast becoming the Comedy of 2019, 2020, 2021 2022 , 2023 …

There Are Multiple Memory Leaks an that alone causes Dashing, i haven’t noticed a difference with crashes still there, I would like to know how they went about this hotfix, I personally think the real fix involves Slowing down the Loading Process, it seems like alot of request get sent and received in a short amount of time perhaps try slowing that down, doesn’t hurt to wait 10-20 seconds longer to avoid crashes.

You need to have a look at the whole opening sequence. Back last year you had enabled the Press B to Skip, though it may not have been intended as there was no text to inform the ability. The whole stuttering of the story is so terrible, how can you not see this? my finally note and question. could you please just delete the side bar that shows whats new and the ossible download content? I am already going to buy what ever content you are putting out EXCLUDING that rediculous helmet and statue pack. When i saw that i became very upset. Ten dollars for 10 megabytes of texture content. On a more personal note my game has been running perfectly sence my purchase of it when it was first made available. My play throughs and massive builds have made me very happy with my purchase. To conclude this post i wish to remind you of the changes needed they are few. The opening sequence needs a skip option returned to it! the side bar with Whats New! and listing of new content needs to be removed… just get rid of it it was a bad idea regardless. the content is already listed in the xbox store if its not purchased there than the intended consumer wasnt going to buy it anyways. Thank you for your attention and please look into these issues for me as i have been a loyal consumer of yours. could you return the ability to get the original conan armour and sword please? just a simple request.

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Now all that is left is the OOM crash.

Hello good afternoon, my name and Anderson I would like an answer to this question if you can put it on the pve servers when you die we don’t lose our things because it makes us angry when the game closes and you die and you lose things legendary as the torch that is hard to take and the least you should do to help us and not make the game so frustrating. thank you​:+1::v:

Have yet to crash since the update, but I will keep playing to double check the login based crashes have been fixed, but for now it’s extremely promising. Tyvm for all the support devs!

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The bases load in faster and when I usually crash in my large base I didnt…so I wandered around and was good…i went into a table and began to scroll and crashed. I was able to get back in and finish what I was doing and ran around more…i did not crash and was getting into everything I could to try it. Then I teleported to see if I’d crash and I didnt. I had a horse and follower and did everything to extremes to try it amd didnt.

I will say, you may finally be onto something. I will mess around tomorrow and see about it then and spend more times in several situations to try to crash, but truly overall one DC from the usual 3-4 DCs running around my big ■■■ base is amazing.

Great work so far Funcom. Please please keep it up!!! Congratulations!



Thanks for the feedback everyone, we’ll forward it all to our developers. We still have a lot to improve on consoles and we’re working on it!

Thank you all for your patience!


I used to crash to dashboard about 5 seconds after starting multiple times a day. That has stopped, but two times today it half loaded and went to dashboard. Then I ran across the map west to east and it was going ok, I cleared the camps outside the black galleon slowly to allow loading times and the fighting was best it has been, but I went slowly. I then went into the Far East of the jungle to pick up the religion, no problem. I thought things are great, maybe I can raid the Black Galleon, as I got onto the deck, it could not handle the battle. I take a swing and it glitches across, then I am getting hit by ghost NPC’s and it is so bad. I get killed but luckily I had a bedroll near. Either way I won’t do that again. It is so hard to fight more than 2 NPC’s it just glitches and is impossible to do as the NPCs are either ghost or randomly appearing/moving. At the moment I can’t do dungeons as too many times it crashes just as I am about to complete. After this battle at Black Galleon, I rode back to my base and it crashed before I got there, right out of the game (as usual), then because I lost my follower in the Black Galleon, and it was glitching too hard I had to run west to easy again and it crashed right out two times On the journey. This is so annoying as many times I have run off a cliff when I am trying to reconnect and load back in to the desert. Then trying to find my body off a cliff is difficult. I really hope the Series X I have on order solves this crap

hello good afternoon I come here again and only I speak for everyone here I am tired of dying on the map because the game closes there are places that are hard to find or get the body back to where our things are since you still can’t fix it the game not to close please put it when we die we keep our things and the least you have to do thank you await an answer​:+1::pray:

Swing and a miss. Try again. Let’s all clap our hands and yell " WE BELIEVE!" :clap::sunglasses:

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Soooooo i spent all day yesturday building on a new single player game. Never crashed once. I only play single player and of course admin panel was involved. Then today happens and ive crashed four or five times. Each time my game will not reload unless i jump on an online game run around 5minutes then exit. My questions are this… Are you looking into optimizing solo player mode? I realize online players kinda are more important right now i get that. And can i please get an explanation why single player is so much worse than online? I dont understand why having multiple massive structures from different clans all over the map runs better than me all by myself with 1 massive structure and a few small builds? I just dont get it. I dont want to play online. I just want my single player to work and its just lagging and crashing and im getting tired of typing on this forum … Ffs

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I went to try this out to see if it’s true and official server #2509 is offline. (Why do I even bother?)


We appreciate your feedback, every one counts and helps our team to pinpoint the other issues that are causing the crashes. We still have a lot to improve and we’ll keep on working hard on those fixes!

Regarding server 2509, it had an issue on its daily restart. However, after we poked G-Portal they helped us normalize the situation.

Thank you all for being here and for your ongoing support!

Hope this feedback helps the devs. Was on server 2949 in the frost temple with another player. We are not of the same clan but working together. We were leaving the temple with 3 giants in pursuit and too lazy to kill them again as they had respawned. at the same time and at the entry arch it crashed out of the game for me first followed 5 seconds later for the other player. There are no player buildings in the area so it wasn’t rendering anything unusual. For it to happen to both of us at the same time it must be a server issue. We both have the same version of Xbox as far as I know (not any special series)

The other two issues I have on same server. My base is fairly large so if I run at it I have to wait for it to render in. I have a section with drawbridge so always need to run up and wait. After I do an activity far away, then going back, 50% of the time at least it crashes out of the game right after everything has rendered in.

Then, as I open a crafting station, it pauses to load (ie, can’t move the selection pointer) for about 2 seconds about 2 seconds after opening and occasionally it crashes out of the game. Usually I am opening and closing stations fast (that first 2 seconds the curser can move)

It is 2/8/21 and I dont know about everyone else but the crashing issue seems to be back and still have corrupted data message. I am on xbox one X. Last update was going great the last week or so started having same issues. Can play for about 3-4hrs or so then random crash straight to xbox dashboard. I reopen game log back in on a server and within 10sec or so instantly crash again. Most I tried was like 15 times constant crashing. Doesnt matter if I try to switch servers or not. I literally have to stop playing for hours and then I’m fine to play again until same thing happens all over again.

So my cousin and i looking to buy this since i loved it on ps4 back in 2019 it was fun
But after reading these post im going to have pass I can’t risk 100$ 2x games for a broken game on xbox 1.
The game seems broke still crashes are in control it apears.

See (yes yes a, “I told you so Brag” ) … Now where is all the shills who where saying the game is working just fine … Ran for the hills it looks like… ----- Lets get this straight … Patch = Crash Dashboard Fix — is it fixed , Nope people still crashing to desktop. So what are the major problems with Conan : Huge Frame rate Lags , Crash to Desktop, Has either of these problems been fixed ? Nope. Should the Consumer be upset about this … HELL YEAH. And we have not even started to dig into gameplay issues, LIke Thralls getting stuck under the ground, Thralls AI breaks within seconds of combat , Dead unlooted bodies disappear under ground if you simply look away for a split second, thrall diets not showing unless you do a huge workaround , Stacked storage racks of any kind Refusing to open . Hit Boxes completely broken , major Graphic Glitches after playing for a few minutes , major Poppin issues especially when there is lighting effects of any sorts , How about random Kick offs when attempting to climb just about anything … these are just to name a few problems … When will people just admit Xbox Conan is just broken and Funcom have no expertise to fix it.
But hey Don’t listen to me , Rather keep quiet, nod your head in blind obedience and thank Funcom for releasing patches that “DONT” work. Keep wishing for a better day