Bug fix game crashes

Just finished updating Conan Exiles the game crashes every time I tab over to challenges menu.
Gaining and losing corruption while standing directly next to a dancer. Just got the game to work again after having a file corruption issue. Please fix this.

Welcome back @Warrant75!

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us!

In regards to the reported situation, does this still occur? If so, could you please let me know which Xbox model you’re playing the game on? Does this happen regardless of the game mode?

Please note that we have released a new patch in the meantime and you can find the patch notes here.

Please let us know if the situation persists after patching the game.

As of last night yes it was still happening. Just tried playing the game the missing building pieces have returned but the game still crashes back to the Xbox home screen when tabbing to either the challenges menu or the Bazaar menu.


I’m playing on an older xbox1 not sure of the model number.

Thank you for your reply!

The model would be Xbox One in this case :smile: so you provided the accurate information!

We’ll go ahead and report this from our end.

Im having the same issue on official server 2880 but with my inventory and stats tabs Xbox user name is Papa Palsy. Xbox One Model

Same. Crashes every few minutes. Unplayable. Too bad. Was looking forward to bazaar, battle pass and sorcery.

Salutation, j’ai également un problème de plantage, cela se produit lors de l’ouverture de l’inventaire, des onglets défis et passe de combat, mais également dans l’ouverture d’établis. Le jeu plante aussi très souvent quand j’utilise la sorcellerie en étant proche d’une structure de joueur ou quand je l’utilise sur des mobs (pack supérieur à 3), dans des grottes. J’utilse une Xbox one élite 1To. Le patch 3.0.1 a bien était installé. Merci des efforts que vous faites.

Hello there everyone!

Regarding the situation, would it be possible for you to please provide us with a video of this occurrence?

Is there an email address i can send an mp4 file to? I cant convert it and this forum doesnt allow the file type

Thank you for your reply!

You can DM me with a Google drive or similar platform with the video :smile:

Out of curiosity, would you by any chance be running Conan Exiles from an external hard drive?

I have a video of it crashing while going through the menu tabs where can I send it

Yes running on an external hard drive

I was dealing with a issue with the game crashing back to the dashboard while playing isle of Siptah for a few weeks before the update dropped was only able to fix it by starting a new game and having to rebuild my base. As soon as the update finished I tried to play again and the crashes started again but this time not just playing for more than 5 minutes but when I tried to look at menu tabs do I need to start another new game to fix this again. Playing on and Xbox One game running from an external hard drive via game pass. I like building base and kinda don’t mind rebuilding but this has been an ongoing issue that makes me wonder if it is even worth the effort if I have to start over constantly.

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Very disappointed in the fact that the only way I have been able to play this game is to for the second time mind you in the span of a month and a half had to completely start a new game on Isle of Siptah to keep the game from crashing. This should not be happening without any fix’s I had hours upon hours invested in building a base and trying to achieve goals on this map. Very unhappy customer here looking for some kind of explanation as to why this is even a thing.


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