Producer Letter on the XB1 stability issues (VI)

Lol loot 30

Rolls a game back to the version before horses it seemed like it worked great before they added the horses

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So i decided to play conan all day today an guess what I crashed 87 times I had so much fun i don’t even see y this game needs a update i mean it crashes just fine

Ps know it was not fun and for the love of God y are the timers back on the game is so broken on Xbox next time i hire from Scott i would like to know how this is acceptable it’s really frustrating now i guess not enough people have quite yet

At this point I don’t think that Scott even reads any of this he knows most of us are but hurt

They did say next week, there is still time guys but I do understand the frustration of everyone. I crashed a few times last night. If they can fix this crashing, the game would be ace, I’m surprised that I’ve stuck with it this long. All I know is that I will not buy any DLC until they fix the crashing. I’d like to see these new Devs help us players out first to fix what the previous Owners couldn’t, question is are they capable at it or are they playing for time, time will tell.

If the Devs say they are testing a patch, they also then have to submit the patch to Microsoft which can take abit more time, so god knows why they would say sometime next week, more like the week after next week.

They said next week last week lol

They also said weekly updates four months ago. I’m not sure what calendar they’re using, but mine has more than 6 weeks in 4 months.

They just stringin us along. Funcom you seriously are straight up liars. Next week, next week. Bs. Then a month from now itll be some other excuse. This is crap and despicable. Give me my 85$ back and refund everyone else on xbox that cant play. Its bs. Since September 2020 i havent been able to play. How do you even justify that? I mean wtf im pissed. Fk* crazy. You broke the game just own up and refund everyone.

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I’d like to congratulate the fine folks at Funcom for showing that they can disable and re-enable the decay timers without breaking anything else. Attabe! That’s one in a row!

That will be my last post here in the forum because after almost a year I run out of patience. To funcom: every word is too much and a waste of time.

To the players who are still there: good luck

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S & X comments are in addition to the crash fix.

Fingers crossed this is all sorted out soon so I can get back to looking forward to a console parity patch & Siptah release. Good luck, folks.

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Not sure but it seems as though the majority of support is for PC, supposed to be a patch inbound. I hope it’s what weve all been waiting for.

I would be pretty darn mad if they can work on this much fixes for PC and not sort the xbox version out. It just highlights where our platform is in regards to priority and how important xbox is to them which would mean nothing…

yeah . no … patched and stll crashing … Xbox one and on Xbox Series versions… Do they even test their patches???

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I think it is crashing less yesterday after the patch I played for three and a half hours straight went down to the noob area did some resource gathering all the way across the map and then back up and it crashed on me as soon as I came in to render distance of a huge base but it does seem like it is running a little better

I want a refund im done with this bs.


To get a refund you will have to get a hold of the retailer you bought it from if digital then Microsoft is where you go if physical copies the one that sold it to you as funcom if not responsible for the sales so you will have to work it out with the retailer as funcom cannot help you

I was on a little while on the series S yesterday and didnt crash once in that time I was on, I have however been on for some while before the patch on Series S and it does handle everything better though. Other times before the patch it will just crash then as soon as log in ( where you see your character) it would just crash 2 or 3 times in a row.

It’s a nuisance I hope they fix but will require work to route out the problem properly, so long as they do it in the end and then release the new map I’ll be okay.

Thing is conan has alot of life in it and money can be made and I will as I’m sure other players will buy DLC if the devs fix the game crashing, they would support this game that has potential but they need to get the game fixed first.

Its still crashing. If there’s too much going on on screen it just shuts down. Private server. I have a xbox one s