Xbox Crash Fix Update (11.05.2018)

We’re planning on patching the Xbox One version of #ConanExiles with some crash fixes (no patch notes this time) in about 90 minutes. The patch will go out at 8pm CEST. Some of you might get the patch a little earlier. The servers will go down shortly before 8pm CEST.

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whats the size of the update?

821 meg on xb1 dude

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Is there any patch notes? As crashed 3 times now since update lol

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Yeaj except you didn’t give the private servers the update so now nobody can play on the server I rent yet again. This went from being something we were truly excited about to being a nightmare… Wth funcom

I’m experiencing the same. Crashing about every 10 mins since the update.

Great, glad to see an update so quickly for those that are crashing.

Can you let us admins know how soon the update will be available on our g-portal hosted private Xbox servers?

I am excited to get home and play some more but I am concerned from the above post that I will not be able to play because the Client will not match my Server yet.

Thank you for all the hard work and efforts. I love this game a lot even with the bugs. My DVR is full of stuff I no longer have time to watch LMAO

Anyone got to play on the new patch yet?? How is the stability vs crashing?

Crashed 2x since i updated

Edit, crashed another 5x within 5 seconds of entering server.

The update messed the game up. If you take any damage you automatically die

The new update causes me to die instantly as soon as someone hits me even once

Patch didn’t help anything,still crashing just as often

I was even unable to download patch. Installation stuck on 23,3%. When I cancel download it deleted all data and now I must reinstall the whole game. And I’m not sure if it will download properly. Tusen hjertelig takk, Funcom.

Unfortunetly the update didnt fix the issue. Each server i join. I get booted after 2 minutes

Yeah every server I play on crashes with in 20 seconds I can’t play at all

Nope, still crashes. 30 seconds or so after loading into my base…err…hut. located east of the bridge of the betrayer, south side of the river. Server 2505. Gonna do the single player thing again. This seems to work if u play for about 10 minutes off line then log back into the official server.

Update: single player offline fix still works. I’m off to force feed gruel to some thralls. Good luck all, hope to see you in game.

Still crashing without doing the singleplayer fix

I got the update on my private server and on my console. When you join the private server it will show if there is a version diffrence or if its a match. My gportal private server has not crashed not even once after 4 hours or more of play. But when we try to join public official server the game always will crash.

wth happened? i played for almost 9 months with very little problems. now food kills clothes are invisible one hit kills omg this is stuff that should been done in beta. i know bit… doesnt help but this is so so bad for a release

Crashing more than before the patch.

WhenI logged off this morning, went into my base I had iron weapons and tools and a full set of medium leather, my wheel of pain and all of my workbenches and my altar to mitra, preparing to lay them all down after getting my kids off to school and getting some work done.

I log in and have.NOTHING on my character.
I received no death message, no death marker and I never left my house in the game.

This is the 8th time this has happened since launch and has set me back over 25 hours of gameplay.

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