Xbox one continues crashing

So I’ll just get straight to it here, I bought this game at beta release way back while waiting for rdr2 to come out. It was brilliant this is my first survival rpg, and when I got the hang of it I was completely wrapped up in it, anyway rdr2 released and conan was put on the back burner for a while but I knew I would return eventually cos the game is epic.
However not as epic as I remember because I only get to play it sporadically, everytime I play it within 30 to 45 minutes I get booted off to the xbox dashboard. And before you start into servers and such, I only play single player offline. I’m after pouring a lot of time and effort into building an epic base guarded by an army of shalebacks but the crashing is making the game unplayable.
I’ve been googling and the fact is I’m not alone having trouble with conan exiles on the xbox one, others are having the same problem. I’ve tried reinstalling it, I’ve soft factory reset the console I’ve done everything I could think but then I’m no computer whizz. The game was working grand before I left for red dead and it feels like I’m after coming back to live with my ex after shacking up with another woman for a few years, as in I feel like I’m being punished like were back together but she’s making me work for it and there’s some major issues to work through.
From the bit of reading and research I’ve done it seems that the only way forward is to upgrade the system and go xbox series x which are as rare as hens teeth right now.
Is this the way it is? Will it just not work on the regular xbox one? Because it was working before. Please say if ain’t so, tell me there’s something simple that I’ve overlooked something simple

Not that it’s going to immediately fix your problem, but you aren’t alone (as your google research suggests). Funcom has been posting weekly updates regarding the Xbox issues specifically and what they are doing. You can read the latest one here, and the rest are linked in the same thread.

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