Xbox One Hotfix (18.02.2019) - Performance Improvements

Hey everyone,

We’ve released a new hotfix for the Xbox One version which aims to improve general performance based on community feedback.


  • Added additional console-specific performance improvements based on community feedback. The game should run more smoothly now.

We would like to thank everybody that continues to contribute to our forums with constructive feedback helping us tackle this issue. It is a continual effort, and we will continue to work on improve performance and stability across all platforms in upcoming patches.


Trello Report Board

We have a public bug tracking board here! You can check this to track the issues that get brought up by the community the most. In the “For prioritization” column you can vote for the issues you would like us to prioritize and we will make sure it gets moved into development asap. You can read the full details on how it works on the forum post here.

What exactly is or are these improvements?


Im very curious as well. The last two patches for ps4 have been good. Atleast in my experiences. Hoping this one is good too

Performance improvements, meaning the game should run more smoothly after this hotfix.


It just amazing how after every update my game still crashes when I log in to server. Never fixed almost a year later. Also I would like to see you fix the glitches and meshing on PvP servers to make this a fair game for all. How are we suppose to PvP and do building damage if you allow players to build outside or under the map. Plz fix this ASAP to make game fair for everyone

After the patch my game crashes much more frequently than before. (Server xbox online official 2585 PvE). The crash is connected opening player inventory. When i open my inventory the game locks up and then after a minute or two crashes. The server appears to function as if i was still playing. This cause death due to starvation or thirst.

Also when I try and access my body to recover items the game crashes and continues to crash every time i get near the body, until the body is gone. The Thrall following player continues to wander the area and does not return home, it eventually vanishes.

One note I also play single player and co-op, this issue is not present in single player or co-op.

I carry a fair amount of stuff in my inventory so that could be an issue, the avatar is level 60 and i have all 4 DLC. I have seriously never experienced this issue in single player mode so i suspect this is an online/or server issue. This also has not happened in Co op. I have no other add on other than the four DLC available for purchase. If it matters i also (and my Thrall) wear war paint ( The Purple Towers)
If you all would look into this it would be great at level 60 the player has a fair amount of hard to get stuff that is forever lost due to this bug.

I have five toons on official PVE and PVE-C servers and one of them is on Xbox Online Official 2585 PvE. I can’t do anything for more than ten seconds before crashing to the dashboard when using the character on 2585 (the others seem fine so far). I was able to play without issue yesterday on 2585. I will do some more testing to see if it is specifically with accessing the inventory or if i can do something else. Also, I don’t have a lot of things in 2585’s personal inventory so I don’t know if having a lot of stuff is a factor in this issue or not.

I did notice when I first logged into 2726 (Xbox Online Official 2726 PvE) that my character’s thirst and hunger were dropping rapidly (like a point every 2-3 seconds in each field). I ate and drank and it seemed to stop the rapid decline. I am going to log back in shortly and see if it solved the problem or if the toon is dead from thirst/starvation.

My other characters seem fine so far and I’ll check them out and note any issues in an updated post.

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To clairfy my earlier. Post, That was before the current hot fix i just now down loaded the 2 .18.2019 hot fix when i started up the game i was dying of thirst. Before i could access hot wheel i was dead. Game then crashed. I tried to log back in 5 x game crashed each time within 15 to 20 seconds. Server online official 2585 PvE again no problems with single player or co op…update i waited 2 more hours game crashed again… Additional update one hour later game still crashes seconds after start up (getting concerned about food for thralls as it has been two days i can not get online):…further update did new installon different xbox one game crashed within seconds…game still crashing 5 hours later FUNCOM should restore/replace lost thralls and equipment due to this bug (just saying)…update 21 hours after post the game did not crash today (finally), items i had are gone. Entire base gone, along with two named thralls (fighter and a dancer), other thralls just standing outside all alone, crafting thralls gone FUNCOM this needs fixed a responce would be nice too (Do you all at FUNCOM even read these messages)

Nice, performance is always welcome.


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As with all on this thread, the hotfixes must be good as they are unnoticeable. However, have you tried rotating any tile in the game? Be it single player, and of the game type servers, all the same. I’m on Xbox one and hoped that this last hotfix was going to fix it.
I’ve just spent the last 30 mins trying to place a tile while standing on a pillar. It’s in a awkward place but this is how it used to work. All I do is punch or kick and fall off. Climb back up and try again. Apparently you’re meant to hold the triggers now and that does not work.
I’m surprised that there’s not more threads about this as I must be an ■■■■ builder where thing have to sit right. And build to size, not bigger. In its current state, the game is almost unplayable like this. You’ve known about this issue since December at least. What the??

It is in the actual patch the is day to day for release (if I remember correctly, or they have it fixed internally, and it will be released as a hot fix). This last was a very limited hot fix of something. I don’t know what it was because i have relatively not had the major issues others have had.

Ok. I had a 3.8Gb patch only the other day if that’s the one you’re talking about. Is there’s another one coming?

yes. The next patch is in final clean up on test live for PC. Any day it will be released to PC, then after Microsoft and Sony required cert, on consoles (usually 1-2 days later).

That’s fine thanks. I’m not concerned about PC. I’m on console. Xbox one

Hey there,

Our team is working on a fix for the rotating building pieces bug, and it will be released in an upcoming patch.
This hotfix was aimed to improve performance in consoles. Random stuttering and hitching should be noticeably better, although being in the vicinity of huge player-made structures will still be taxing. We’re fine-tuning our Testlive patch that includes many improvements and optimizations on that front, although we still have no ETA for its release on consoles as it depends on many factors.
Thanks for your patience.

Just an update on my characters. I think there is a bug where the thirst and hunger timers count down too fast. I have this problem on three of my five online characters and on my offline character. When I log in and do not eat or drink the thirst timer drops a point every 15-20 seconds (as opposed to 90 sec for my unaffected characters). Within about 15 min of not eating or drinking, my character is dead (I usually have the meters at 100% when I log off). When I do eat (and max out to 100), I get 5 min where it stays at 100% then the hunger and thirst rings flash white for a second and the 15-20 second count down starts again. It is weird that it only happens on certain characters and not on all of them. So if someone were to sleep with low thirst and hunger scores they could wake up in kazorvey’s situation. The servers where I have this issue are on Xbox online official Servers 2726 PvE, 2727 PvE, and 2730 PvE. I will post this in the bug section.

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Thank you for the information, our team will look into it. :slight_smile:

There’s a couple workarounds for this and there’s been a few threads about it. Current active thread is in the testlive section.

Anyway, pull out a left-handed item and keep it in your hand while building. (Torch, bindings, shield, etc.) After the 1st punch, you’ll be fine as long as it stays in your hand. It’s still annoying but it works…

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Hey there,

Our team has fixed this issue internally and it should be included in an upcoming patch.

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