Xbox Hotfix (15.11.2018)

We’re rolling out a new patch for the Xbox One to take care of some issues that have popped up since we removed the Halloween content. This particular patch also has all the fixes from PC that were included in the Halloween removal patch.


This patch contains a number of updates to the Event Log so it will log more information related to pets, thralls and items. We’ve also fixed several bugs related to player corpses and we believe we’ve also managed to fix the well bug.


  • Event Log changes (see below for more details)
  • Halloween event has ended. The Potion of Lost Souls and any resources harvested during the event will remain in player inventory until consumed or decayed.
  • Wells should now be re-filling as intended
  • Fixed an issue where having several of buff/debuff icons on screen would cause a lot of lag

Patch Notes:

Exploit Fixes

  • Fixed an exploit where players could manipulate and duplicate thrall inventories

Event Log changes

  • Dismantled placeables will now show up as intended in the Event Log
  • Items dropping from destroyed placeables will now be listed in the Event Log when they’ve decayed
  • Update to the “Days Passed” slider in the Event Log to be more consistent
  • Event log entries can now stack and be displayed in one row instead of multiple.
  • Database maintenance: Remove Event Log entries older than 3 weeks
  • Companion names should now be displayed properly in the Event Log when they are hungry, starving or returning home
  • Made companion cause of death more consistent in the Event Log (Please note: The Event Log does not support custom companion names):
    – Player and Clan name will be displayed when a follower is killed by another player
    – NPC name will be displayed when a follower is killed by an NPC
    – Starvation/fall damage/noxious damage will be displayed when a follower dies by these
  • The Event Log should now display item names as intended
  • Dragging an item from a Crafting Station and dropping it on a stack of said items in the inventory should now create an entry in the Event Log

Bug Fixes

  • Wells should now be re-filling as intended
  • Fixed a bug where traps could be returned to player inventory after exploding
  • Fixed a bug where corpses would disappear if a player died underwater.
  • Fixed an issue where an Avatar’s timer wouldn’t update correct on Dedicated Servers
  • Fixed a bug where accessing a vault would cause lag and hitching
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to loot XX_Unarmed items from Thralls
  • Fixed a bug where unconscious NPCs would disappear if they fall or slide away from a space where they were released from their bindings (like a cliff)
  • Fixed an issue where having several of buff/debuff icons on screen would cause a lot of lag
  • The Degenerate should no longer spawn two corpses when killed
  • Removed guards on letting following companions teleport to you. Pets should now follow you more reliably into your compounds
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to move a pet or thrall would have them turn invisible if the player moved too far away from their original placement.
  • Fix a visual bug causing the blood spatter background of certain Feat filter icons to disappear
  • Fixed a possible leak in SQLite DB handling due to missing ‘virtual’ keyword on ~QueryResultBase
  • Explosive Arrows should no longer do damage to buildings on PvE servers.
  • Fixed an issue with thrall recipes not being visible when the user reenters any crafting station
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the user from scrolling up and down within any crafting station
  • Fixed a Quick Loot functionality issue for loot bags, where loot bags weren’t quick loot-able, even by their owner

Environment Changes

  • Removed the ability to reach a unplayable area in the Black Keep
  • Fixed a collision issues with the barriers in the Midnight Grove
  • Fixed an issue where the curse wall spline had many points that had inverted rotation, causing issues with not being able to build in random places. Also removed a duplicate of the curse wall spline that existed right on top of the original one.
  • Removed the ability to reach a unplayable area in Bin-Yakin’s Seal cave ceiling

Quality of Life Changes

  • Added a “Clear” button to the Server Browser, to more easily remove entries in Server Name and Maximum Ping filters
  • The Crafting Station UI will now display the name of the crafting station instead of “Crafting Station”
  • Loot bags from demolishes buildings will now have ownership and can’t be looted, similar to loot bags from thralls and player corpses

Localization Changes

  • Various localization fixes on DLC items

From the Post Halloween Hotfix thread.


That is weird, because when I spawned the potions back into the game they spawned in as stacks of 20.

Looks like it wasn’t the case after all.

Great, it was finally working, my clan and I could log in, play, have some fun. Now you’ve gone in and we can’t even log back in now… this is everything yall do a “fix”. Load in, wait 10 seconds boot to the curb!(game crashes). I would rather you take away all the pets to just have official servers that had better stability.

And they added the loot bag from decayed structures “fix”. At least it’s in the patch notes! Ugh.

Guess my taking time to go randomly wander the map is at an end now, since there’s no point. Good job.

Thanks for the halloween event Funcom, I loved it!
Now that it’s over, it’s great to see the light shine again, one week of darkness was just enough to start missing the daylight.
So to the reason I am here today, I can’t see anyone talking about this but Conan Exiles on Xbox keeps crashing just about a minute or so after I have started the game and entered the server. The only way to work around this is to enter my local offline gameplay first for 5 minutes, and then log into my online gameplay. This has been going on for at least the last 3-6 months. When the petsystem arrived on Xbox, it stopped happening, and everything worked just fine for a couple of days, but then there was a hotfix update that make the crashing return again.
I am playing on Official EU PvP 2203 and I have both Xbox One S and Xbox One X, it happes on both of them. So I find it a bit strange that I can’t find anyone else talking about this. My guess is that lots of players stop playing because of this, especially if they don’t know that it helps to start a local game for 5 minutes first.
Is there some how I can give you guys more information to get this fixed? Any way to find a crash-report file in the Xbox, or any more information you need from my gaming habits that might be the cause of this?

A common workaround is to open up an offline single-player game, run around for a minute or two, then connect back to your online server. We believe the cause of this crash is an out of memory leak and we’re working on fixing it.

We’re discussing ways for us to re-implement scavenging while still keeping this rule change in effect. :slight_smile:

We get crash reports automatically when/if the client crashes, so we get the information we need. Whenever players ask us about the crashes on Xbox we also try to inform them about the workaround you describe in your post. We know it’s still an issue and we’re still working on it.

Thanks for clearing that up Jens Erik, as long as I know it’s on your radar, I am not worried

My question is, why do you need to? What was wrong with it before?

If you have an office with five light switches, four of which are up and one down to turn on all the lights, it’s a lot easier to just leave the odd switch down than flip up all five for consistency’s sake only to tell the people in room five that you’ll look into finding them a lamp.

This was a decision made by the dev team after they reviewed how the rules for loot bags on PvE servers.

Which is why I say again, I don’t trust the dev team. They place arbitrary decisions above player experience.

Wrong decisions can always be reverted. There was no problem at all with the way it was, no one ever complained. The person that changed it should be fired and the change reverted. Sorry, but it’s true.

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Fired is going too far, but it should be reverted.

We are looking into alternative ways of implementing scavenging on PvE servers

Patch notes says " * Fixed an issue that prevented the user from scrolling up and down within any crafting station". I never had this issue but ever since the hotfix, not only the crafting menu but any menu that requires scrolling down will either not let the menu scroll all the way down or not scroll down at all. The cursor can still move anywhere but i cant see what the selection is. Its a little irritatng.

Why alternative ways, just undo the change and set it as it was. No need to waste dev time finding alternative ways.

Because that makes too much sense for a Funcom game.

The way this game is set up, the only way they want you to have “fun” is the thrill of your blade slicing the flesh of your rivals, of destroying their homes and people. Hence why PVP gets such preferential treatment like boosted XP and events.

Any other fun is to be derided, to be found only through gritted teeth and back breaking work. Those who wish only to build beauty in peace (PVE) are fools that deserve no blessings and the harshest treatments if they dare to tread on hallowed ground (Official servers).

The devs are fervent Crom worshippers, in other words.

I also have that problem, Drifter, with being unable to scroll to the bottom. Also, when I access the Repair pop-up, it is obscured by part of a frame over it. And the mobs are behaving mighty passive now - they sometimes just stand to be slaughtered. And didn’t the named thralls used to display their professions along with their names when at a crafting station?

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