Xbox Post-Halloween Patch (13.11.2018)

Dear exiles,

We have now patched the Xbox version of Conan Exiles to remove the Halloween content from the game. We know the Night of Lost Souls event hasn’t been everyone’s cup of tea and we’re taking several lessons away from the feedback we’ve gotten this past week. The Potion of Lost Souls and any resources harvested during the event will remain in player inventory until consumed or decayed.

The Xbox patch will only deactivate the Halloween content and not include changes from the PC version. We ran into several hiccups along the way, on both our side and on Microsoft’s side, which forced us to move this particular patch.

We apologize that the console patches took longer to get out than we would have liked.

Thank you to everyone for voicing your opinions and for offering tips on future events. We take it all to heart.


Thats just great , so this game has been unplayable for a week and there is nothing as a sorry for the players who lost hundreds of hours of work …

It would be nice if they would throw the official Xbox servers extra XP and harvest rates for the inconvenience.

Just got on and game is still freezing up. Yes it’s not night time anymore but same issues still as before. You have not fixed anything. Since Halloween I have not been able to play your game and I still can’t. What happened. Still need to fix or refund money.

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Apologies for the frustrations. Is it freezing under certain circumstances or does it seem to be randomly? Are you playing single-player or online?

Its depressing that this huge 50gig update wasnt 50gigs at all 2gs thats the update 2 gigs only gets rids of night time nothing… i seriously want my money back …

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You guys are really bad at this you update the game and it resets all the server stats so now it’s like I run 10 ft and I’m out of stamina what are you guys doing over there , do you just write bugs into your code so you have something to do , can you make something that just works or are you going to just be forever fixing it cuz there’s absolutely no way for me to get my money back and all you guys can do is apologize apologize apologize you offer no incentives you don’t do what you say you’re going to do and then you just expect us to be happy , I’m about to eat $65 and just cracked this disk that’s where I’m at with this game

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I logged into my XBOX solo-player game (offline) to check things out after the patch.

I noticed that a chest that I had filled all 45 slots with a full stack of the Potion of Lost Souls (20 each) for a total of 900 potions now has 45 slots each with one Potion of Lost Souls for a total of 45 potions.

After the patch, that chest alone lost 855 potions. I had other chests that had full stacks of 20 potions and every one that I checked now has only 1 in each slot.

That is the only item that I notice had a count quantity change after the patch.

For my solo game, it is no big deal as I will admin myself those potions back. I will check our Private G-Portal server later today.

To be clear, this is just an FYI. I am not griping, but I could see where others might be peeved if they do not have the admin ability to replace the items on servers.

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Glad to hear about the update! The Halloween event may not have gone according to plan but the loot from it was pretty cool! Thanks for that :smiley: And thank you for keeping the community updated on what is going on. Best of luck pushing out the next update, i know im looking forward to it!

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Jens_Erik, thanks for the update, and thank you for the nice presents given away in the meteorites during halloween event.

I like very much this game but I have to admit that Halloween has been way too long for me ( I am playing in Xbox). Firstly playing in the dark has been a horrible experience, but then you guys put more light into the game, which keeped the game really looking bad for almost half a month.

The rewards in the meteorites were way too good at the begggining (I got 7 sqkeleton keys only in 1 hour game mining asteroids) but then you fixed that as well a day later.

I really have very opposite feelings about this game. A game that is such a good mix of sandbox, building and roleplaying… how the same team that created this game can be destroying it in such a tremendous way? Sometimes I think you guys want us to stop playing. IT is like a mother who gave birth to a wonderful baby and now she wants to crush her baby. What you are doing guys…ITS A CRIME. Think about it please next time you are going to change anything in the game.


After the removal of the Halloween patch the potion of lost souls has a decay timer. I do not remember if this timer was present during the event.

I play on an Xbox one x latest patch and the game won’t even start just crashes.

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The Decay Timer was 15 hours even during the Halloween Event. It functions like other stacked items. If you have a stack of 20 potions after 15 hours, if you have not used a potion, one would disappear and then you would have 19 potions. The timer would start again and another 15 hours you would lose one potion and have 18 left and so on.

I checked and this also happened on our Gportal server. There is a difference between servers and solo player. When you exit the game in solo-player all decay timers stop since technically the “server” is not running.

There is no way that 855 potion in a single chest decayed in 12 hours in either scenario (server or solo).

Like I stated, since I am admin I checked all chests on the rented server and spawned what was lost due to the patch.

I also play on the PC (solo) and after the PC post-Halloween patch, I DID NOT lose any of the potions.

That was a glitch with the Xbox patch.

That sucks, and I’m sorry. I’m going to follow up with the team and ask what could be the cause of this.

We have taken several important lessons away from this event and if we do events in the future things will be very different.

From my standpoint, no worries. It was an FYI for investigation.

Overall, our server had fun with the event. It was something different and a nice change of pace.

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Looks like the stack size on the potions was changed to 1 in order to prevent players from using this to cause lag for other players.