Xbox Hotfix (11.10.2019) - Thrall fix

Hey everybody,

We’re releasing an emergency hotfix to solve an issue that would cause thralls to revert to 100HP substitutes with no gear equipped. All previously equipped gear before the patch should still be there after the hotfix.

We’re also aware of other issues introduced after the patch such as thrall idle noises being repeated too often. We’re working on those issues and a new hotfix will be released as soon as possible.

Thanks for your feedback and support.



  • Fixed an issue with thralls converting to 100HP equivalents with no gear equipped. All equipped gear before the last update should be visible again.

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I have a base full of Thralls and well with the update, well lets say it sounds like i am having a really big party :wink: Does this update fix all (Cultist of Dagon) thralls that changed to 100 hp?

Cultist of Dagon was the same with Vathis and many others: never intended to be a slave. Relic hunters was a bug.

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Hey guys coming from Xbox here. Devs you added more rock inside the caves at Boundary Spillway above Swagger rock and covered half of the stuff I had inside the cave as my sweatshop. First why did you do that and 2nd can you undo it so i can get my stuff back. I have a t4 smelter stuck in the wall, a t4 cook stuck in the wall. A kiln, an improved stove, 2 armor benches with a t4 and legendary armorer, 4 dryers full of branches and 2 cupboard stuck in the wall that I can’t loot my junk out of. Can ya fix it back. Thanks

I am also in the cave at Boundary Spillway. You guys covered up almost all my stuff. I lost some pretty high end armor sets some leggie weapons and such. I am all for new additions and stuff but a little warning woulda been nice. We lost t4 thralls a ton of mats etc. I enjoy the game but crap like this really irritates me. We spent a lot of time gathering these things just to have them wiped out for cosmetic additions that really dont make a lot of sense to me.

what is the update today about? 15/10/2019?

Yes but still a very cool thrall to have and i mean if you can get it why not right? still should not revert into a 100 HP thrall lol, Its Fair sense we STILL do not have Thrall purges.

I have problem in server 2103 alwas go offline and character voise is silence, i wish fix all servers same proplem

I am on XB1 and have a United Kingdom copy if the game. I had full nudity on and now it keeps reverting back to partial. It let’s me select full but whenever I go back into the settings, it’s back at partial again.

New patch is out!