Xbox Hotfix (20.10.2018)

Hey everyone, it’s time to update.

We’re rolling out a hotfix for the Xbox version of Conan Exiles today with several fixes for various thrall and pets issues. All the details can be found below.


  • Fixed an issue with pets decaying in animal pens
  • Fixed an issue with food disappearing from Pet and Thrall inventories upon first server restart
  • Fixed an issue where the gender couldn’t be selected for new characters
  • Fixed an issue with Thralls and Pets reacting to player receiving environmental damage
  • Fixed an issue with items in the Inventory of an Archer Thrall disappearing when Thrall started shooting
  • Thrall icons are no longer placeholders
  • Fixed an issue where the gender couldn’t be selected for new characters
  • Fixed an issue with players being able to teleport items from one container to another across any distance
  • Fixed an exploit involving pet names
  • Fixed an exploit where players could glitch themselves through the map
  • Fixed an issue with the Avatar of Jhebbal Sag remaining active longer than set Avatar lifetime
  • Fixed an issue with Werewolves not attacking anymore after howling
  • Fixed an issue with Humanoids NPCs missing nameplates
  • Fixed an issue where the Flawless Khitan Shield could not be crafted
  • Fixed an issue with Crocodile Hatchlings turning into Tamed Spotted Hyenas
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to spawn in the Midnight Grove when dying in certain locations
  • Fixed an issue with grave icons showing in wrong locations
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor stayed on loading screen after using admin teleport
  • Fixed an issue that would stop the crafting of DLC items when the user logs off

You said fixed ■■■ unable to be selected for characters twice.

  • Why was putting reinforcements on torches removed? I saw nothing in the patch notes, and an stuck with unmodified, 20min torches.

  • I appreciate fixing the werewolf. That dungeon was too easy, i was hoping for a harder fight with the werewolf.

  • Some pets such as rhinos are bugged and will not attack when the player is struck by an npc.

On that note will you be updating the project list for suggestions and bug fixes so we know what is being worked on currently? It hasn’t been updated since July. A few things i am hoping getting fixes, such as placebles that are meant to be stacked often being unable to stack… like large chests

We’re working on a new option for players to see status of the most critical or worked on bugs :slight_smile:


Please fix the event logs. We have several people complaining about the event logs being broken.

event logs is working but i can’t scroll, same with the thrall Pot

I cannot load my single player game since the last big update last week - I just get kicked back to the desktop. I cannot play my multiplayer character on the official pvp-c server I have been using for the past month for more than a few seconds before I get kicked to the desktop. I tried re-installing the whole damn thing yesterday and got in to my multiplayer character once last night before I went to sleep. This morning, with the hotfix, I’m back to having the same problems. I am now doing another four-hour re-install. I can start new characters on other servers, but I have a big damn fort that I was working on in Server #2509 and I’d like to be able to play in that server.
Please fix, thanks.

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@Jens_Erik - Placeholder icons still show for thralls in the Thrall Pot and pets in the Feed Box.

Greater bears that are marked with totemic fodder do not have a diet. No food type is increasing their lifetime. (Official PvP server 2651)

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Shoebill heads won’t crush in a fluid press

Hello!! We cant play! We just are kicked out after about 5 sec ! FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT!

@ Evan

2.Play Single Player for 1 min.
3.Launch in Server “hopefully it works”

And when I couldn’t run my single player game, I started a guest account, ran around in there for a while and was able to play my multiplayer character.

Thank you for the report :slight_smile: We’re aware of some issues with the event log (lack of scrolling, logging too much and some potential lag issues).

We’re aware of this :slight_smile: Thank you for the reminder.

Thank you :slight_smile: This has been reported to the dev team.


Hello, i im iver fossati and i have a problem in one of the oficial servers, I hope I can contact a admin to help resolve this issue, i died on the water and I can’t find my body, I really want to recover my stuff, my gametag is FRANCO174 for Xbox one

We had an instance yesterday where a clan member was booted from the server and their character was moved from the west side of the chaosmouth to the east side of the chaosmouth in the highlands. I did not see when he was booted, but by the time I realized what happened I backtracked the direction we were running toward New Asagard. I could not find his character dead or alive.

Using chat he walked to me to the tombstone location, which was nowhere near where we originally were when he was booted. His character was killed by wolves and an elk king (all still in the vicinity). After killing all of the animals, I continued the search for his body and located it. It was hovering about 5 feet or more above the ground. Any time I approached it to try to remove his gear, the body would disappear. If I moved away, the body would reappear.

I made several (unsuccessful) attempts to retrieve his gear before his spawned character arrived. As soon as he got close, moving from the west side of the chaosmouth to the east side of the chaosmouth. His body permanently disappeared before he arrived to see if you could retrieve his items.

We continued to search for the body without success.

Thank you for the report. It’s clear there are still some bugs related to corpse drops.

We believe the problem is that we weren’t allowing players to spawn more than 3 corpses to avoid losing much performance. We’re going to increase this limit to 10 and have QA test what kind of impact it has on performance.

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Does harvesting your corpse help to fix that number of corpse issue?

I usually do not die very often and have in the past harvested my corpse, but not the last few.

You can only harvest on corpse every so often. If you have more than one, it will only allow you to harvest one. The others will have rigermortis

I rarely die. If I do it is weeks between deaths. 90% to 95% of my deaths are due to getting kicked out of the game when I am in the wild. I rarely die during combat where the game does not boot me.