Hotfix (20.08.2018)

Hey everyone!

We’re releasing a small hotfix for the Xbox version of Conan Exiles with some quick fixes for some high priority issues that needed taking care of after the most recent patch.


  • Fixed an issue where debuff icons would cause huge amounts of lag
  • You can now attach fence foundations to regular foundations again

Please keep your bug reports and feedback coming in.

Known issues:

  • Clan menu can’t be interacted with, but there is a workaround: If you click the “View” button on your controller when you’re in the Clan menu, the Main Menu will open over it. Once you close the Main Menu you can interact with your list of clan members.
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Awesome, that lag spike problem in combat was a real issue, thanks for getting it fixed so quickly!


Tak Jens. Downloading the update now. Will report in later.

The gods are nerfados this horrible nor break structure

Os deuses estão nerfados esta horrível nem quebram estrutura

Excelente :smiley:, creí que tardaría en solucionarse este problemas de lag, con respecto al dato de construcción de cimientos aun no entiendo a qué se refiere pero mas tarde lo averiguo. :mage:

Si buena actualización alguien me puede decir por que me an baneado no puedo jugar en ningun servidor oficial

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I’m in official PvP on Xbox and the thralls reset to 100 health every day, any news on fix other than 10 minutes standing around to heal them daily

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Hello, Please can you also work on getting rid of the neck line on Thralls and character, I don’t recall seeing the bad neck lines before the 14.08.2018 patch. Thank you

Think you could scratch your heads a bit harder and fix the lag connected with popup inventories?

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Still lagging funcom, you guys need to get your heads out of your butts, it’s not fair that you guys came out with 2 hot fixes for pc but yet only 1 on here and we have to wait longer and sometimes the updates screw up the game even more fix your damn game us console players have so much patience before we start leaving your game.

Us console players feel abadoned, you guys claim that you listen to us but in reality you really don’t as soon as we gave you money this game started going downhill. You guys will listen to pc players but not us console players, it’s like you guys don’t seem to care about your reputation at all or future products because let me tell ya I’m not buying any future products from your company you guys have lost a paying customer

am i the only one cant go into game after this last update??..

Sounds it, I was able to log into my pho server on Xbox one completely fine

Pvp server, stupid auto correct

omg not again… i dont want t delete n wait a million hours t install it again…my game crashing even bfore intro n credits, just initial picture n out… theee is any1 wth a posible solution? last time i lost all y builds n stuff cause taked so much on it…

Still having lag connected with popup inventories, with chests, shrines, worktables

Hello, Please also work on fixing, Thralls will no longer display/hold any weapons or shields. Water well does not refill. Thank you

I just installed this “update” (huge emphasis on those quotations) the game has barely changed I still lag tremendously when attacking animals they won’t even be moving and I’m getting destroyed by a stand still rhino, especially with rhinos I get stuck in there stomach still unable to dodge out, this was pre-update and post, it’s almost not worth taking on world bosses I just tried, there was STILL soo much lag that I died before I knew I was attacked and I have the best internet package available…I paid 60 bucks for this… the game was in early access how long??? Almost 2 years? This game should be polished by now hopefully conan doesnt turn into a kin to ark…fingers fng crossed

Since the 14th, fish traps are now working, while wells are still dry. The lag with interactable spots started last week for me and it only seems slightly better now. NPC’s don’t always load right away - they’re like reverse Cheshire cats with a name first, then a body. NPCs and thralls don’t hold and use weapons right away - some even stand looking at me from hitting distance. My fort is awesome. Temperature management got extreme last week, but it’s manageable. Some textures are terrible in some spots, but don’t tell me to re-install, because that takes me 72 hours.
I was not able to get past the title screen after today’s update until I installed Conan’s Atlantean sword and started the game from that install. Now I’m afraid to turn off my Xbox.

Hello everyone, thanks for the support. Together we will end these bugs. I play solo on Xbox One and I already have this problem of “broken neck” of the photo, from time to time, after loading the game: