Hotfix (20.08.2018)

Delete your caches and see if you can lag less. If not fresh reinstall after a hard reboot.

I actually haven’t made any yellow lotus potions in a bit, but just noticed with a t3 alch in an improved cauldron, it says it costs 7 flowers, but ends up costing 14. As far as I recall, base cost was only 10.

Thank you very much for the continued feedback, all! I’m noting and forwarding each one!

I spend 2 hours to regenerate the slave because it is 100 of life I’m fed up the game and go disgusted and I’m not the only one

You guys getting rid of my comments now Funcom?, seriously?, you just don’t want other to know how bad your game truly is

You guys get rid of anymore of my comments and I’ll report your company for not allowing my opinions on this forum

can you make it possible to place regular walls on foundations like we use to be able to do?
I don’t mean just on top, but on the sides of them. Use to be able to do that

normally, killing yourself while submerged, spawning in a newly bed roll with nothing around it is is a good fix, or remake your character

I feel like this is a violation of my freedom of speech, because I have left some comments nothing vulgar but of how you guys are treating us, the Xbox community which we are getting frustrated with and I don’t like being treated like this

I often get the broken-neck thing. Sound is always lagging. The tusk trophy is completely buggered-up.
Why is the number 47 so prominent in this game? It was a trope in Star Trek - is this an hommage?

I wouldn’t bother leaving comments on here us console players aren’t good enough for them to reply back to us, there’s no point in leaving comments if there not going to reply back they’ll just delete them if they don’t see what they like

Omg still nothing on making the game playable, I still can’t load the dam game up! This is pathetic and I have given up… what a waste of money that was thanks funcom will definitely be buying games from you! Your rep is destroyed

No me too I can’t load any of it up! I have given up with Conan now way too much hassle!

I’m having the same issue and submitted a ticket. They told me to post in here, not really understanding how this would be a better way to address the issue. Anyway, I ended up uninstalling the game and am now waiting the 3 days for it to install again. Hopefully all progress is saved and it lets me into the game this time. Has your situation improved at all?

*Update, Funcom just resolved my ticket, so maybe they fixed it? Not sure, they didn’t specify as to exactly _how_they resolved it- confused.

We’re you able to get into the game after this update? I’m having an issue where I attempt to get into the game, the load screen appears and then it kicks me out to Xbox home page. Do you know of anyone else have this issue, I saw maybe one comment describing the same situation.

Same here, game won’t let me in, keeps kicking me out to the Xbox home screen. I decided to do a reinstall. We shall see. Was working fine before the update.

I’m able to get into the game completely fine, only issues I have been having is the lag spikes and in game but issues. My buddies and I have been playing on my pvp server

Sounds good, I just wanted to check with other players to see how this update may or may not have affected them. Thanks for the information J90. Happy playing!

Hey are you still having the same issue? I submitted a ticket to Funcom and they resolved it… Unfortunatley I had decided to completely uninstall the game and I am now doing a reinstall (6 hours in) lol… Let me know if your still having the same issue.