Xbox Hotfix (11.02.2020) - Critical fixes

Greetings Exiles!

We wanted to address a few critical issues introduced in the January patch that affected gameplay. We’ve also re-balanced some 1-handed damage multipliers based on community feedback.
We’re still working on AI improvements aimed to enhance the follower system experience which will be rolled out in the next couple of content patches.

Thanks for your ongoing feedback and support.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause rubberbanding on a player character especially after using a map room or teleporting.
  • Fixed a crashing issue regarding crafting queues.


  • Fixed an issue regarding stacking certain placeables.
  • Fixed an exploit regarding player disconnections in dedicated servers.


  • Reduced damage multiplier of 1h maces first attack (from 2 to 1.33)
  • Reduced damage multiplier of 1h axes first attack (from 1.5 to 1.33)


  • Players should no longer die randomly in single player when interacting with certain meshes or reaching certain locations.


Good start but maybe don’t break the game every update would be even better. And before launching a new map. Make sure nobody can undermesh it pleeeeeease!!!


Nerf as always, why u dont buff other weapons instead? PVP is already to slow, make weapons stronger. Spear for example have no dmg compared to other weapons. And now u nerf dmg on 2 other weapons. Cmon buff the other weapons instead of nerfing. Especially now when everyone use heavy gear because u removed the ability to mix medium and light to still be light.


If it’s what I think it is… I’M REALLY HAPPY!

What do you think it is?

Nice work! I wonder if this update is for Xbox only? Does it apply for PC client as well?

My thrawls keep dissapearing underground when they fight the king rino near sepermaru. They never used to before the last update.

J’ai toujours été sur des serveurs officiel pvp je me trouve dans un ou la tribu alfa à 4 base tellement énorme qu’on ne peut rien faire sur ce serveur il faudrait limitées le nombres de construction car s’accapare un serveur a un seul clan ça ne donne pas envie d’y rester et surtout plus rien Spawn c’est dommage .

I’m also wondering what it is too

Instead of nerfing, how about you guys buff some weapons so there is some sort of variety in combat.

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Le patch ne résout pas les crash interface du jeu, 2 patch précédents on été fait pour corriger les crash de la plateforme Xbox mais rien à changé donc je ne sais pas si sa vient vraiment du jeu ce problème ou si cela vient des serveurs GPortals mais en tout cas sa serait bien que vous y remédier au plus vite car cela gache le jeu en tout point. Merci de votre compréhension

Thank you for for the bug fixes, I can finally play the game now after purchase. Wish me luck!

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The purge bar in german version 4k resolution is still not visible (3rd patch since reported) It is disappointing as it seems nerving a weapon has higher priority….

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Really sad they nerd more weapons. I can bearly find any pvp and people still just roll and walk away and 2 of the only decent pvp weapons we have get nerfed! What a joke and love this game

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Be careful I went though 10 servera worldwide to find people meshing in all of them

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I’m more a solo player, so no worries.
I can never find people with the same play style as me and they always get annoyed with me looting everything I can and spending too long on building stuff.
Seems like fighting and PvP are the most liked things in games these days…

I dont understand your thinking. If some weapons were buffed there would be no variety because everyone would use those weapons.

Decayed building pieces aren’t being displayed in my log prior to them actually disappearing. I realised the hard way that you removed the holiday timer, only lost a small build, but without notification of decaying items, have lost a great deal now.

Yes so happy you are happy as this little fix did not even come close to fixing the placeables problems, now just still can not places them correctly. So still broke for everyone.

Game is still broken everything that is claimed to be fixed isn’t at least on xbox. Still crash like there is no tomorrow and have a problem with mining. Me and others can walk straight through trees and rocks. Can’t mine ghost nodes. Also seem to immediately crash when you tuch a ghost node. And before you say oh he’s just got McDonald’s WiFi. No it’s not my internet cause others i game with that live in other states and other countries have the same problem.