Xbox Hotfix (24.08.2018) - Clan Menu Fixes

Hey everyone,

We have a new hotfix for the Xbox One version of Conan Exiles. This one updates the clan menu so you can interact with it again. Please update your clients so you have the latest version.

Clan Menu Fixes:

  • The Clan Member list can now be navigated
  • Message of the Day can now be edited with a controller shortcut
  • Hotkeys on the bottom of Clan Menu Screen will update when rank changes to/from Clan Master
  • Officers can promote recruits to members, as intended
  • List entries should no longer have double highlight when selected and navigated to.
  • Moved the Contextual menu when using a controller so that it is not shown on top of the clan UI.
  • Member list should now always be sorted on Character Name.
  • Member list should now update properly after switching tabs in Carousel. Earlier one would stop receiving rank updates after switching to a different tab and back to Clan UI.
  • Clan Leaders can do anything to anyone; Kick, Promote, Demote.
  • Officers can kick and demote anyone below their rank, but only promote to member.
  • Recruits cannot kick/promote/demote.
  • All ranks can look at everyones profile.
  • Clan Leaders can only leave if they are the last member in a clan. They need to give their rank to someone else if they want to leave a full clan. Everyone else should be able to leave the clan

Thanks for the patch!
since I play lots of Singleplayer I would normally pay less attention to it, but this one made at least my game less laggy. Can go near workbenches or chest without Lags. At conan the carpets still cause Lags, the textures need to long to load, same wit the big fireplace and the “tanner station”. However right direction, keep going. Thumbs up!

Xbox one S (with fresh cleared cache)

What about fixing ur thrall weapons always not being in there hand even tho u have equip it and every time I log on all my thrails health is very low and the purge ataking you when u ain’t even online.

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I agree mate I have the same issue since a recent update my thralls start with low health, I equip my thralls with weapons but you move away when you come back they’ve put them away & last thing I have full nudity switched on but now when you undress your player there wearing the undergarments I tweeted them on twitter but no reply

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how about a purge reair. seems people on my rented server are upset our purge is broken… we are pve-c want to have purges and nothing… any fixes on that?

Please fix the LEMURIAN LORESTONES Journey quest. It is bugged and will not complete.

I can’t launch the game since this update…

You can’t get full nudity on console, so if you set it to full it reverts back to none next time you log on. If you set it to partial it will stay.

actually you could before the update, this also depends what country you are in I’m in the UK when I downloaded the game the full nudity DLC came with it and worked

Oh sorry I had no idea, here in America we aren’t allowed full nudity on the console. Blood, gore, and decapitation are just fine, and you can kill all the baby animals you want, but ya gotta cover up below the waist!

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that’s cool dude when you first said it I was confused I thought everybody got the DLC but then researched and found out that not everybody did.

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