Playing tonight post Update- Many Bugs, a list

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Opening cinematic lags and can’t be immediately skipped.

Crashed back to Xbox desktop after selecting server to play on

Tried agian, got into server, crashed to Xbox desktop after maybe 10 minutes of play time.

Server is private Gportal server.

Edit Thrall Diet window is blank

Edit 10 minutes later game crashed again, trying the log into single player version first trick

Edit Have crashed 2 more times in the last hour or so.

Edit Ran over to Floatsom and most enemies were “invisible” attacking me without being seen for several seconds before rendering in

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


I haven’t been able to stay on long enough to find out what else is broken.

Love this game. Please help, @Ignasi - or anyone else from the funcom team.

There have been problems in the past but the worst were always addressed.


I play on XBOX X I confirm the same things reported. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::scream:


Same for opening I had to turn off controller then turn it on to skip.
My frost giant instant died in my keep full food and no event log, no thrall food diet.

My house vanishes and clicks off and on, gportal server. Purges are broke turned them off for the moment.

I tried the server repair, did nothing.

@AngelBRz The workaround for us PC users is to log in singleplayer and preview the diet of the followers (spawn one, place it and check its diet, you may need to place some food in the inventory but it is not always necessary), then log back on the server. It will work until the next time you fully quit the game.

This is for XBOX, and although I cannot speak for them, I tried your advice Narelle it fixed nothing. Didn’t seem to change it

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@Cin I am aware that this is the xbox section but since you’ve received the patch we got a month ago with the same issue I thought I would share what works for us. If it doesn’t work on xbox, then you guys have to deal with it until it is fixed :slight_smile:


I am amazed that they released the exact same update on xbox a month after PC and it has the same issues, before they even fixed it on pc. And then are completely silent on the forums which is they’re only form of support, given the fact the game is currently unplayable on xbox their lack of communication is unacceptable imo!


That is helpful information, if only I knew how to apply it to my xbox. The food thingie is really messed up, my pets have the max for food box range and you can watch the names go offf and on the food boxes while you are in the inventory ( not the same as the Diet I know but my mind wanders ) My Mr Frost Man giant is gone completely.

I agree, we must have to give them complements to get replies… A disgrace. Just keep the game like it is, if they are unable to make it better without messing everything up… Call it a day and find a new career, don’t drag thousands of people through the same calamity.


Check your thrall list. Frosty could have dropped below the mesh. I found a few long lost thralls below the mesh when they first added the followers list.

I looked but his name wasnt even on the follower list, my saber cat was in the wall was able to retrieve him.

I don’t know if you play online or single player, but you could check the log and see if something happened to your missing thrall.

Hello Gr0gnak, thank you. If you are referring to the Event Log found on the left hand Double box menu then there is nothing in there that shows my Ice Fellow guy dead, or any post-it-notes of any kind. Also when you click the button that opens your inventory it has a button that says followers and His name is also not listed on there.

Just making sure, but you did do the full search in the Event log as by default it doesn’t show anything when you first open it. I’m sure you already checked but not everyone is familiar with using it. Was the Frost Giant spawned in (are you on single player)?

Hi @jimthyashford, welcome to the forums and thank you for reaching out, we’re currently looking into a few issues introduced in the latest patch, including the crashes and the Thrall UI.

Regarding the invisible enemies, is it only happening in the reported area and does it occur each and every time you visit it?

Why did you not learn your lesson from two months ago when the “update 41” was a failure on pc? Why did you release the “update” if you know its broken? Why isn’t building decay turned off because of this? Why did you enable avatars during such a calamity? Why are you pushing the broken “update 41” to PS4 when you know its broken? Why does Ignasis reply to pre “update 41” PS4 customers on Reddit but doesn’t reply to anyone on here? Why am I about to lose hundreds of hours of time and resources because of your mistake? Thanks


Gr0gnak, Frost giant was from the horn. Yes I’ve checked the entire logs, it is a rented gportal server.

Also my eastern side of my house vanished and I could walk through it

Was your Frost Giant near the eastern side of the house that is missing? Where is your base located? Maybe the anti-mesh programming deleted something it wasn’t supposed to.

Its between the pit and summoning place big flat area