Buggy since dec update

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My head is permanently cocked to the right, thralls dont eat from thrall pot at all, die all the time and instantly wipe out a stack of favorite food with only a few minutes added to the timer? So, whats up with that?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.play game

As you are on Xbox single player I can only imagine the latest patch changed the default thrall feeding settings for the single-player game you have running.

In the past there have been reports of updates causing various single-player game settings being changed … notably the nudity settings.

The title says buggy since update so I figure this goes here😕

Yesterday I couldn’t play because when I went to launch the game there was no sound. All day. I tried this morning to find that the sound was back & was overjoyed. I loaded my online game to a buggy unplayable mess. My character kept jumping & falling from great heights. I know this because you changed the animation. Worse still was the camera excessive shaking,so much so I TRULY(serious 1st thought,or maybe hope,wishful thinking)thought you added an earthquake element to the game. It hurt my eyes & then she started clipping into parts(not all) of her home & fell through 1 part. So…I had to quit. I truly missed the game,then this & now im just upset. I just bought the game for crying out loud. The other day 1,000’s of hours were lost(REAL LIFE TIME) because my entire keep,my thralls,my pets,all my armour,weapons,& gear as well as all my mats :boom:POOF!!:boom:
just disappeared. I had Greater pets,T4 thralls, named thralls,tons of mats & personal stuff not to mention my time. It was trully depressing. I cant play her anymore​:pensive: What…Start from lvl1 with a lvl60 chick??? & waste my time again??? I think not. Its not cool. Im 50yrs old,I dont have all the time in the world anymore nor do I have time to waste. I loved that keep & wasnt even close to finishing it,I had so many plans. I loved that character she was 1 of my favs. This game is not only broken its literly depressing. To finely have sound after not playing for 3 days & then get on to that jumping crap & earthquake camera,seriously dropped my spirits. I went to bed.:pensive: Theres so much love to be had here,but this is my 1st patch & you guys completely ruined my game & my will to want to play. I was playing so much that when I took a little break to play Ghost Recon I was using Conan controls. Now,I dread even wanting to play & have just said Hel with it & watched reruns instead. Because something ive seen a thousand times is better than your depressing mess. Im so upset about this,I thought Bethesda was bad. Your only saving grace in my eyes is from my understanding youre not a big company, still theres no excuse for this. What kind of training does your IT department have,to allow this mess?? Where did your devs go to school?? I just dont know what to say. I was trying to be respectful with my other post,but you dont seem to care about how I feel or anyone else for that matter. You break my game & come out with a new DLC to make money. Honestly,how do you think that feels?? The DLC is great im sure,the others were,but you made my game 100% worse than it was for crying out loud. And now 2 of my characters are unplayable for now,im hoping the earthquake crap will fix itself or something, if not there goes hundreds more hours of my short life gone,wasted.

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