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Game mode: Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Xbox one s

  • Camera first and 3rd person clips into rhinos

  • Rhino’s kick the players dead body into walls (looting impossible)

  • sometimes textures won’t load, happens after longer playing sessions - even a crash happens then

  • the purge: monster spawn in the house, in walls and under bridges

  • water texture in South Sepermeru won’t load from time to time or pop up after swimming in it

  • problem with Milestone light armor

  • (don’t know the English name) the “kambujan” armor can’t be repaired, gears are spinning forever

  • thralls follow needs an overhaul. They won’t run, sometimes they float… Right now not suited as companions, oh and if I go against 4 scorpions my stupid slave decide to go on a walk and ignore the fight but as soon as he sees the boss scorpion… Deserves him right dieing!

  • flying, skidding elephants

  • Thralls falling through the ground and on follow they’re walking through the fundament

  • black ice spear invisible

  • Sound totally asynchron and sometime soundeffects won’t start at all

  • bow control on console is a nightmare please take a look on dragons dogma and copy it :slight_smile:
    … and the damage output is to weak
  • better “thrall training (taming)” multiplicator

  • weather effects: sand storm south but the rest…? At least rain
  • Footprints at least in the field of view
  • more life in the game : fish, scarabeus
  • more endgame content
  • in game glossar, it’s game breaking that we have to go on YouTube… To learn recipes…
  • Co-op gameplay: let us move separate from each other. One can get sulfur while the other one can craft black ice weapons. There’s no need to let us stick this close together
  • Quest Log


P. S. I really love the game, it’s a beautiful world and the ideas are great! However, it gives me a bad after taste. It’s like no man’s sky, just not finished. I hope it will become the game it should be. There’s so much potential like trade runs with slave or a caravan from base to base… .
And I won’t buy a dlc if the game isn’t fixed. I might sell the game. I’m old-school, the order should be : releasing a complete game unlike conan beta version , minor bug fixes, and then a dlc. BTW you sold it over a million times on launch. Is there really a need for a payed dlc a month later?!

You can do slaves bud they called bearers get them to follow you. How ever they are super weak and I could imagine it being a bloody nightmare to use effectively

Thanks for the tip Sgtfoster
Testet it… But they are useless. They even try to attack and get into the way.
Only good thing is the bag.

  • sometimes npc are invisible, extremely in new asgarth

  • Razma double door

I think they are just trying to fix the XBox crashing thing right now. Lots of in game bugs at the moment though. Potential is there, just needs some work.
What’s this about a dlc? Haven’t heard that one. I think at this point releasing anu paid dlc would be suicide for funcom. I know I would be on the first wave out.