A bundle of bugs and performance issues

Game mode: [Online] [Xbox]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [North America]
This is the first time I have ever posted anything on a forum let alone some bugs, so I apologize in advance
I want to say before I get into the stuff I have encountered, that I absolutely love this game. You guys have done an amazing job creating it.
While playing the game I will notice several bugs the first and probably biggest problem I have seen is with the larger bases people build on the map. When you come into that area, all the structures want to load in at once and will either lag me for several seconds teleporting me in random places or crash the game. Another (what I assume to be) problem I have noticed is sometimes when I pick resources be it branches from the ground or an iron node it will sometimes re-spawn almost instantly and my fps will drop dramatically for several seconds. Sometimes also when I look into containers or crafting stations the item icons will not show up for several seconds and will (rarely) make me have to exit and re-enter the station/container to see them. Another bug I have seen and has been a bit irritating has been I will be dragging an unconscious NPC home to break them, something or another causes me to have to switch or unequip my bindings (Swimming/Hostiles) and when I return to the NPC to try to drag them back their body will twitch extremely and slingshot and ragdoll in different directions before disappearing completely, I try to put them in the wheel of pain anyway and it does not work as if I had nothing attached to my thralls. This last one may not be a bug I am new to this type of game, especially the server system so I am not sure but while playing on Official server #2508 Pve-Conflict server - g-portal us I was told I was disconnected because the host had ended the session. I tried to join back and it gave me the error “Pending Connection Failure” I reset everything (Xbox and internet router) and tried to join again and got the same problem. I tried again after a little bit of time had past about 10-20 minutes and still the same problem. I still cannot join the server and I was just farming for materials to upgrade my base from stonestone to sandbrick.
Everything I have experienced above happened on Xbox and on the server Official server #2508 Pve-Conflict server - g-portal us

After about two days I attempted to the join the same server again and this time it let me join and I can play again. Everything seems to be working as usual other than I can seem to walk through some walls in my base only to be rubber-banded back. It is not every wall only a select few.

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Can your team check out jungle issues? Like my metal chests keep breaking after every server reset iv lost 18 things (metal chests crafting stations and thrall taming pits) iv lost 2 thrall taming pits one was a 8 thrall tamer the other a 4 thrall tamer they were side by side on the ground with 3 metal chests next to them I stashed my tamed thralls - it’s making me not wanna play because my stuff disappears every dayyyy and I log on every day the chests have a 140 hour timer on them they should not break - I’m on pve 2502 I’m the only tribe active in jungle if u wanna find my base I’m the only tribe in jungle with a tier 3 set temple and I’m near the witch queen.

You’re not alone. I’ve posted on here and on Twitter only to be told by Funcom that “we’re only human”. Between losing my item wheel contents, my armor and not being able to find my dead body (only a shadow is there), to the constant lag post patch, I’ve stopped playing until they address problems with the console.

I went over to check the PC forum section and saw only one post where someone had lost anything and looks like they’re having more connection and server issues than anything else.

Bottom line is this game is so broken it isn’t funny anymore and yet they have the nerve to announce a DLC. F that.

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