Too many bugs, Funcom!

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: All of the Above (Bugs, performance, lag, glitches, crashing, etc.)
Type: PvE
Region: North America
Hardware: Xbox
Official Server: #2501

Bug Description:

I started playing roughly a week ago, haven’t even been playing for 2 weeks and have never played this game and to my knowledge any of your all’s games… From this short experience, it is taking a lot from me to just give up on y’all and walk away. This has gotten way out of hand and respectfully people can get mad, but, instead of worrying about more DLC to gain profit, thousands and thousands of folks would play more or even buy it straight if they seen positive reviews considering if y’all would fix these issues.

That’s where a chunk of revenue would come in, not constant DLC to revive the game and people continue experiencing bugs… It’s outrageous that many of us dedicate most of our time just to this game and not other games, and to dedicate donating to the company to buy the product to attempt to have more fun in a big fest of connection/performance issues. If y’all fixed at last 90% of these following issues, many people wouldn’t be so upset and would be pumped to buy products.

The following information details bugs/issues occuring in an official server (#2501 - PVE).

(BEFORE I CONTINUE THE POST/REPORT I NEED TO BE CLEAR, I have Fiber Optics 1GB high speed unlimited internet, so this has nothing to do with connections of my internet, it has to do with issues regarding the game/server and the server’s latency/ping. I have an Xbox One S which shouldn’t and doesn’t matter, 2TB and on an SSD which also shouldn’t matter. I’ve heard and read many peoples remarks revolving around these similar issues…)

#1. When running you pop corn, doesn’t happen all the time, but, is quite frequent.

#2. Hit box on enemies will not render, enemies become invisible at times, hit sounds do not render, and there are no visual effects.

#3. When mining/farming, objects disappear and sometimes never reappear.

#4. Items in inventory/storage/pets/mounts/stations, etc. Most of the time do not appear.

#5. Hit delay when hitting an enemy/creature.

#6. “Rubber banding” when attempting to ride a mount and or when riding a mount.

#7. When farming/hunting creatures often appear in front of you as if they teleport.

#8. When having powerful gear, oftentimes the hit box is way out of sync and enemies can often times hit with a weak weapon and instant kill.

#9. Farming and the materials not showing, but, only showing the counting.

#10. Animals/NPC’s and terrain, and other bases/buildings not appearing when arriving in that area.

#11. Animals/creatures de-spawning.

#12. Constant if not continuous lag anywhere in the game/server

#13. Thralls/Pets having attack delay/missing target.

#14. When crafting some items meant to be done in a quick fashion will oftentimes restart the crafting…

#15. Enemies/Creatures being invisible when you first arrive in an area and being invisible for a few minutes or longer and never knowing where they are, especially bosses, world bosses and purges, etc.

#16. Items oftentimes disappearing or randomly breaking when the durability is not near depletion and or broken already.

#17. When seeing an Official server in the listing whether be Internet, Official, Favorites, and or History, it oftentimes does not show your rank for that sever before you enter.

#18. Load time when dying, loading into the server or entering places like the basement/dungeon of the tavern in Sepermeru is absolutely ridiculously long.

#19. When going around a base or your own, animals/thralls are “pop corning” all over the place, structures are missing, and sometimes do not reappear for quite awhile.

#20. Recently had 2 Rhino mounts randomly sitting near New Asagarth, I was there with someone at one point, however, I brought my mounts back, furthermore, I found my mounts still there glitched out after I had brought them back and parked them. (Bug is random teleportation of thralls/pets).

#21. Items “pop corning” back and forth from a station/structure/thrall/pet back and forth into the inventory and back into the structure/being, when attempting to retrieve items it repeatedly places them from the inventory of that placements into the inventory of you, and back into their inventory/the structure inventory, over and over, oftentimes you have to walk a good distances away to “reset” the area of the bug.

Expected Behavior: it’s simple… For these issues to be resolved somehow and for these issues to not happen, period.

From what I’ve watched, heard, read; these types of issues have been occuring for years now. It’s time to focus on the performance of the game and not content for revenue, we’re doing our best to keep the game alive as is. Respectfully, these issues are overwhelming and should be resolved, it’s long overdue.

—This concludes the report at this time as I have not encountered any other bugs, and or cannot think of any other issues at this time—

I look forward to a conclusion and or solutions, thank you for your time and dedication into this matter for future reference!



P.s. I am not a bad or mean person, but, I’ve been collecting data for the past week, before I made a step to come here and to display it. SOME bugs aren’t placed in the list, I have clips and screenshots, but, you folks have it to where “new users” can’t upload the proof. No big deal, I look forward to sharing the evidence. Thank you to the nice folks out there and also, Funcom, because you have taken an interest in these issues, I look forward to the awesomeness! :+1:t2::heart:


Hey @Olivia

first of, its great that you found your way to this (mostly :slight_smile: ) awesome game!

In this short time you had to experience many cruel and gamebreaking bugs and i feel sorry that your start to this game was this bumpy.

Funcom is aware of most - if not all - of these bugs and they promised to fix many of them in the next big update, being 2.5 (Patchnotes 2.5)
They will release it live after their summer break so hopefully you will stay around until then to have a look at how they managed to adress the bugs from your list!

Most of these bugs seem to be occurring only on old-gen-consoles that have longer loading times. Some people found solution in installing an SSD but both “solutions” are very expensive. Lets just hope that they manage to make the game smoother for old-gen again :slight_smile:



Um I’m not sure what you are meaning by “old gen” consoles having all these issues, I do know what you mean by issues happen on old devices, but, it’s 2021… My console is (1) not old, (2) I’m aware of the patch notes and thank you for being kind to share information regarding that, (3) I wanted to share my thoughts as well my report regarding these occurrences as they are and have been overwhelming. Also, I shouldn’t have to nor should anyone have to install more storage devices or upgrade the current one in order to play smoothly, these issues have been an on going occurrence, for as long as I’ve known of this game. I only got into it and remembered it due to it coming to game pass either for basic game pass or ultimate, not sure, however I have a great system, a lot of memory and routinely make sure I don’t have backed up cache, I’ve played with many people lately and they too have good internet, storage, good consoles, regardless some do not. Moreover, the point is, these issues occur and will occur regardless of anything stated in the reply there due to them not fixing these issues

Henceforth, I do look forward to these solutions or some of the ones they are adding, not sure if they are looking into them all.

I do look forward to the changes and more fun!



Ups, i didnt mean to call you old :crazy_face:

By old-gen-consoles i am referring to anything else than the xbox series x/s or the ps5.
In my clan the players with the ps5 are having no problems at all and everyone on the old-gen has to adapt to the bugs you described because maybe our consoles are not strong enough to render the npcs in properly. (I agree with you that this is not acceptable.)
Therefore i assumed you are playing on an old-gen xbox

You didn’t call me old? I’m in my 20’s lol! No worries, thanks for being kind! :raised_hands:t2:

Old generation is Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One lol.

The general consoles of the newer generation is only the Xbox One S and Xbox One X are NOT ‘old’, the higher tiers are Series S & Series X, for example PS3’s are old whereas PS4 & PS5 are borderline the same. Just as if someone used a 1080 and or a 1080 Ti graphics card for a PC. Things are a little different, but, not that different, not to seem harsh, but you and many other folks like yourself with similar remarks make me or folks like me when complaining about bugs in games seem like we are running on an original old day Xbox or PS2 lol and or Windows Vista, henceforth, the current generations of systems today, regardless being right below the one’s released or a new motherboard/graphics should NOT change anything as most games nowadays run off of Unreal Engine any how.

Regardless of brag consoles and brag PC’s is what I call anything that is new, because people relatively tend to brag about things they have lol. But, however, it shouldn’t matter respectfully, that someone has a tier spec below that PC or console, as the game should run as a game should run, not, turn a corner and 5 locusts are invisible attacking from all directions and you can’t see them type of deal or walking out of your house and floors disappearing from upper parts going down to lower parts, like a fort with an elevator, etc.

I see your point though. But, overall these issues effect even higher tier generation consoles. :+1:t2:

Older model xboxes, like the original 500gb and 1TB xbox one can really struggle with Conan due to placeables, torches and thrall armies /pet zoos. It’s like comparing a Countach to an Essenza SCV12.

Incorrect, has nothing to do with it. I have a 2TB Xbox One S. Can folks nowadays stop making excuses for issues of games? Like I’ve read so many reviews, watched so many videos and even live streams where folks encounter a bug left and right…

Bugs=need fixing


Consoles that are right below the current tier=trash people, trash connection, and spend $1,000 to buy a new console to play the game.

Peacefully, folks should be able to play the game smoothly, and issues here and there can arise, but, not every single few moments. I’ve message multiple people on an official server I play on, and each and every person has stated they’ve encountered this, the reviews state it, forums on here state it like mine, videos I’ve watched with even people having “the best” as folks keep trying to make it be, have also stated these types of issues, and folks even live streaming as well…

Issues are issues, simple. We should all in life acknowledge issues say like bugs in a game, and not point the blame at the player because they might have a bleep of a game system, which is false, unless you are playing on a PS3 or Xbox One/360… These are Xbox One S & X, right below the Series S & X I’m talking about here. Xbox One S & X has been processing Conan since it was released and the game has had these same issues for years, it’s just constant ideas being brainstormed to add more DLC to bring money, which many people would actually pay more into the game and or even just flat out buy it if reviews were better regarding things I’ve described and many things that I have not endured personally, but others have.

There could be a latency issue with Xbox servers. Most of the things you’re describing are lag related.
The “pop corn” you’re describing is just how the game net code works and how the game was build for online play. Singleplayer doesn’t have these issues (at least on PC).
I am positive that this will be adressed in Conan Exiles 2, many years from now. :v:

Edit: I forgot to mention that what you’re describing is not a bug. The title is misleading and I’m disappointed to have found no bugs in your bug report.

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You can be disappointed all you want, I’ve seen these same issues with other folks stating the same descriptions. How do you folks get to come into a report and sit here, arguing with me what a bug is or isn’t… Let the Developers be the judge and jury, they created it. Such rude people on here, my statements were not about just “pop corning”, it has to do with a slew of things. Y’all the type to shoot someone down even if I was praising something. I didn’t say anything bad about the game, another person to talk about PC, and other things not related. This is Xbox discussion, where we share bugs, etc. These are bugs, and you are trying to look at a storage chest and see things invisible, and or look at your d-ad body and see no loot and or your body is stretched in the sky, that’s bugs, not “Xbox Servers”, has nothing to do with it… I’ve played on other games and they have similar bugs, etc. Like Elder Scrolls Online is filled with them…

Very hostile to come here, tell me I’m being misleading, and say my post does not share any bugs, you are not some bug hunter I presume nor a Developer. I’m doing what they told me to do was describe these issues in a forum to allow others to come together and see issues they may be encountering as well…

I’ve never typed on a website forum in my entire 20 years living. So, I’d like to make a forum about game performance that revolve around the game, not my internet, console, storage, etc. Because, if it was any of these things, I would have not wasted my time to type a forum post.



Edit: I find it very immature for someone to approach someone like that and for someone to heart that remark, it’s just like a pack of Hyena’s in a way, most of the beginning replies were passive, but, to slam down my post for sharing these ongoing issues that many many people have described similar instances, is downright absurd. Also, just because y’all or some folks don’t encounter anything others are, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Kids today, sheesh. Sarcasm is somewhat difficult to get across when typed. All the responses you’ve received are known possible causes discussed multiple times before in previous threads for the game issues you’re currently experiencing. Funcom are aware of them, you just need to take into consideration that they’re a small team and many may still be working from home. 2.5 is currently on testlive, once it passes MS certification, it should squash a lot of bugs.

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Calm down Olivia. Noone’s there to get you like a pack of hyenas. :v:

I’ve stated my opinion about your bug report and hoped to shed some light into what I believe was the cause for all these issues. I apologize if I made you feel unconfortable, but you have to understand that topics like this happen all the time in these forums and other people have opinions that might differ from yours. After all, the forums are a medium where people will exchange ideas and views on particular issues.

My disappointment was more on the ironic side of things and I just wanted to stress out the abiguity of your narative/(bug report?).

Having said that, please don’t feel discouraged to keep posting your feedback or make bug reports. I’d love to read more from you in the future.

Best regards.

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Hi @Olivia and thank you for sharing this information with us.

We are always working on improving Conan Exiles so please keep an eye out on our future game updates.

In the meantime, we’ve passed this over to the rest of the team.