Server 2508 unable to connect

Game mode: *[ Select one: (Online official
Type of issue: *wont connect
Server type: *PvE-Conflict 2508
Region: *US
Hardware: *Xbox one s

Says cant connect, reset game.

Who do I make ticket to?

Hello? Its been hours…

It’s up now lol is it just me or does funcom ignore us when we say hay are server is down :man_shrugging:

Ignore. And due to it, lost one of our bases. Ugh

LOL you expected a response from someone at this developer? thats adorable. did you just start playing recently?

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Nope. Been playing since day 1. I guess im a glutton for punishment and try to keep hope.

hahah i hear ya. same here, since early access (which it feels like we are still in give the fundamental technical issues this game has).

no idea why i still play this game given it is put out by a team that doesnt give a damn and is basically incompetent to fix any basic functionality issues. i think it is the fact that there is such great potential if someone over there actually gave a ■■■. waiting to be able to log back in to a server i am almost certainly dead now w/ all my gear gone (for like maybe the 10th time) SIGH

I hear you. Yes this game has tons of potential but they seem to fall short. Frustrating. And may be…just may be if they listened to us…ah…nevermind.

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