PvE-C Server 2508 has been saying Could not connect to server for me and my whole clan all day. How can we get back in

At around 2 this afternoon PvE-C server 2508 kicked me and all my clan members out. Weve been getting the same error message saying ‘Could not connect to server’ ever since… we’ve been trying to get back in all day because some of us were not in secure places when we were kicked. Please help me resolve this issue.

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This has been happening to me frequently too, only on PVE 2585. Seems like a day or two of error followed by access for a day or two, followed by error… Friends and I may quit if we get purged during this.


My friends and family play with me here and we can’t get on at all. Hardly getting any response either. So it’s definitely server side.

This is my first time experiencing it. I cant find any thread that shows a way resolve the issue. My clan members are worried about their characters because it wasnt pvp time when they got kicked ao some of them had on their best gear… and now PvP time is almost over and the server still isnt up.

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Fortunately we still had friends/clan mates on and had them go retrieve the gear of those who got kicked offline. But yeah, this is kinda ridiculous. I understand they have a lot to look after but for a month we’ve had little minor bugs like this and insanely long load screens to all be on series X. But I hope all is well and your clan mates still have there things when they are finally able to get on.

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I actually think ive seen you guys in there on the list, sometimes. But yeah mean, this issue is really stressful cuz were not a large clan. Everything we have we had to REALLY grind to get so even losing armor atp, would hurt tremendously. Hope yall can get back in.

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Yeah itd be okay if atleast one of us could get on, but every one of us is getting that message… its hurting rn… Back atcha tho man…

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At the moment I don’t think anyone is on it now, says 0 out of 40. It did this a few weeks ago too. I submitted a ticket but don’t think it ever closed.


I’ve been replying to multiple threads and it seems to be happening to a few servers on multiple platforms. Hopefully reset fixes this, as a new player if we get purged without being able to get on I’m gonna be upset though. Q.Q

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Yeah, it is happening on our pc server as well. Hopefully they get someone to reset them and figure out the problem.

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Everyone try to log in… My clan mate messaged me at about 6 this morning and told me to try logging in. The server appears to be functioning atm do if your player was out and about you can try to retrieve them. I don’t know if its fixed but im not taking any chances.

Most likely a duplication glitch was reinstated with one of the last updates. FC dosent test console patches. We get old bugs, with every update.

You are probably playing while someone else is crashing the server so they dont have to work for things. You lose things cause those people are lame players. And they use a bug that FC keeps giving to them as a tool.

The server will be automatically detected as down and be restarted. Takes no more than an hour typically. But this is for every crash.

Hope you are having tons of fun with the bugs. Console gets a random sack of old bugs with every patch. You will have so much fun!