2880 down nightly for an hour+ and again tonight

It crashed an hour ago and still down. Pvec time is always reduced by an hour or more every night due to consistent crashing.

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Same happend on 2203 pvp and some other servers. Down 1-2 times a day for about an hour (not including normal server restart in night time)

Is crashed thiw day ufffgg

Just went down again as PvP time started, which it likes to do as well.

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Greetings Everyone,

The server should be back up and running but if you are still experiencing this issue, please feel free to get back to us and let us know.

Down yet again. What is the deal with this server. It’s also been disconnecting players from server a lot randomly as well.

Down again

And down again. What is this like the 4th time today that I’m aware of.

STILL doing this bs…

It is still going down 5-6 times a day, what’s the point in telling us “it’s up now” only for it to go back down a few hours later for several more hours. The timing is almost perfect with PVP time too. Is the game being hacked and y’all don’t know what to do about it so you just act like there’s no problem?

Can you please look into pve 2132 crashing every few hours for about an hour? Please and thank you

It crashed almost every hour today. I thought they patched stuff to help? And yes, pvp time hits and u know it is going to crash for an hour at least once.

2880 on list but now it just hangs on load in screen and spits me back out saying connection to the host has been lost.