Official server #2651 has been down since 7pm est

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Bug Description: Cant log into server #2651

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Hi @Kelz and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Are you able to access the server now?
In the meantime we will have a look at what’s going on and pass the information to our server host if needed.

Same thing was happening yesterday to pve conflict server 2020 for more then 12 hours it was the full time 2 players on the server and nobody was abel to join today in the morning it was working again dont now how it is at the moment

Still cannot access the server showing 1/40 players since yesterday.

First time having this issue. Official pvp as well. Never had a server downtime this long with out an update lol.

Yea same its never realy happening for me too that long i even woud like to now why but funcom never shares the info about it

It’ll of been down for 24 hours in 4.5 hours. Crazy I haven’t recieved any word on it yet. I also purchased the full game including all available dlc except Isle months ago so I’m fairly familiar with the game and it’s problems this is a new one. Rather annoying at this point.

the server is down again

It never went online for me.

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