Official Server #2652 Crashed hours ago

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [America]

American PVP server #2652 crashed hours ago and still has not been fixed. No one can login to it, when attempted it says “Failed to join requested game” then “Could not connect to the server. “Join Session” failed. If this continues to happen try restarting the game.”. This message is shown every time and no one in my tribe or any tribe we have talked to can login to that server. Please fix…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


I posted 4 hours ago about this issue, didn’t realize i was not the only one affected, Official Server #2652

Yeah it appears the entire server has stopped allowing players to connect to it. No one can log in. Ive been trying for the last 4 hours or so. Just tried again like 5 minutes ago still the same.

Yup same, how am I supposed to make mistakes if I can’t get in?

Server is still down with no word from any devs. Are we just out of luck for playing on this server? The server itself is “online” but no one can connect to it… I am hoping it doesnt take days to get a response or to resolve the issue…

This server still isnt working, and has been like this all day so far.

They don’t care … they are waiting for the reset tonight so they don’t have to deal with it.

Thanks for the report, but it seems that server #2652 is working as intended and have no recording of crashing or downtime other than the daily reset in the past week.

Also please make sure to submit the crash report via the report tool that pops up once the game crashes, filling the text box with as much information as possible. This way our team can get all the information needed to look into it. Thanks and apologies for the frustration.

Are you serious? You have multiple threads in the forums about server 2652 being unavailable all of Friday. A server that constantly has over 20+ people on during PVP raid hours, and you are going to come in here and say everything looked fine? How about no one on the server all day? I messaged multiple “Community Support” accounts and not one responded.

Don’t you find it odd the message above you says basically “They dont care, they are going to wait until a daily reset happens”, and that is exactly what you did…

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@MattGonzo, even though we don’t see an issue on our end it will be reported to our developers so they can take a closer look at what might be the source of the issue on your side.

We have noticed that on Friday there was downtime, however, on the following days, there have been no issues on the server.

I apologize for the previous answer, was my mistake to not have checked the full server log. We will continue monitoring this server for any unexpected behavior in the future.

We do care, we hear you and we do our best to ensure that everyone gets to play and have fun.

If you have any further constructive information regarding the issue please reach out to us.

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