Official server 2731 pve conflict down

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Crash ]
Region: [america]

Slowly throughout the day, last five plus hours players got dc’d. Finally no one is left. Go to join get “failed to join requested game.” And “conection failed…” please help. Thank you

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
2. Try to join server

Unable to join server, four guys are in still. Two in clan have been on since about 1pm eastern. Have yet to DC.

Please ReSet server prior to morning daily reset.

Also please turn on decay timers as i can only assume this is a factor and server is full of small tier one bases.

Thank you in advance, sincerely all XBOX players who can not upgrade to ISLE yet, but love your game, but dont like limping through until you release the game for us.

Fun times FUNCOM. I reported an issue as to “unable to login” , this is obviously not a lone issue as many other posts on forum describe the same thing throughout the xbox conan community. I do understand you all have a ton happening and dont want to unintentionally say you guys dont provide a global quality product. That being siad you currently are not provding a quality product for console players. The only response i did recieve was after I flagged my own comment as inappropriate (FYI forum posters) while the response was very nice, nothing was resolved. A " simple " reset of the server would fix the issues until you rid your official servers of NO DECAY TIMERS. This is an assumption but after three years of playing ( on and off) on five different official servers, this is the only time both " issues" have coincided . Appreciate the “help”.