Server 2732 is down

Game mode: [Online PVP]
Problem: server 2732 down
Region: North America

Is this happening on any other servers? I assumed those servers just need to match up with the current update but I was hoping for some clarification on whether I need to find a new world or not. Thank you.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

On my end, 2732 shows up as a PvE-Conflict server on the latest build and has a bunch of people on it. Current Xbox build is 98293/17948. What seems to be the issue?

I am on server #2732 PVE Conflict (X-box) region North America
i am having semi regular instances of the server dropping me (between 5-8 times in the past 12 hours) this has not been limited to just today. Less than a week ago it had major lag spikes flagged as 999 ping (i checked my internet and could easily connect on x-box with other non conan games)
as of today i have died 3 times due to the random game dropping at really bad times(right before a sandstorm, Just as i went into combat with a croc, fighting 2 stygian npcs). the server seems to be getting worse and worse as time goes by.

despite all the issues x-box conan has i might be fine with the game but these issues on top of it give me very shaky faith in the company and its future games.

I’m on server #2807 and it won’t even let me on it says connection to sever has been lost it’s an official server and no matter what I do I can’t get in