Where is the official server pvp?

I dont see my server on xbox official server #1110 PvP - g-portal.com

is there anyone to help me

Xbox servers will no longer have numbers in the 1000s. Keep in mind that all servers where wiped just before launch. You’ll need to pick a new Xbox server with the game mode you prefer. They should be numbered in the 2000s. Hope this helps!

Ok , have other problems i cant play 30 seconde more game crash have reboot my xbox and again i start game in server 2200 i play 1 minute and crash

That’s something we’re currently looking into. I’ve noticed that if you join a server with very high ping, you can have a game crash. What kind of ping do you see for Official server #2200 before joining?

70-150 ping , i cant stay connect more than one minute , the game crash and go to menu xbox

Pings that high on Xbox will cause crashes. Instead of a message saying your ping is high, the game just closes completely.

If you have a router and a modem, you might consider plugging directly into the modem. This will bypass a firewall on your router if you have one. If that doesn’t help, then please contact us at help.funcom.com/ and make a tech ticket. We can run some tests to determine if there is something else filtering your connection to our servers.

the game continues and still to crash, I do not have problems with my connection all the games I own runs very well in network, it is you who have a problem with your game. when I bought conan there are more than 1 years walked very well and now that the beta and be saying finished and that the game costs more than 50
euro sa does not work anymore and no update to solve my concern that surmount the same worries as other I find it really heartbreaking

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