Server 2503 crashed half hour ago

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [North America ]
not listed in server listings any longer

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Still down after 4.5 hours, have tweeted, filled out the server support doc etc…

Game mode: Online
Problem: server
Region: america

Official Server#2503 PVE has benn gone from the list for about an hour. Can I get some sort of update? Whats going on? Please some sort of info would be nice.

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Same here- tried another server and I get kicked every 30 seconds. Imagine I was just about to pay for a private server- lololol not chance at that happening now. The app for the private server doesn’t even work - sort of glad now that I didn’t waste any more money on this unstable game. Really a shame - it has some good ideas and things to do.


Glad I’m not the only one thinking I’m going crazy when 2503 didn’t show up on the list. This is the only server I play on and have managed to eek my wait to lvl 52 and was excited to play despite constantly having the “game crashes after 30 seconds” bug you described, which has been happening since launch causing the only friend I could talk into playing into getting a refund leaving me solo. I probably should have just gotten my money back when he did but I really fell in love with the mix of exploration/combat/crafting and the setting from the Conan stories. Anyways hanks for reporting it on Twitter I couldn’t remember my password lol

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Down time, bugs, this is a part of online gaming unfortunately.
The biggest issue I have is, the lack of response.
It’s like they won’t even acknowledge an issue.
Something like We are aware of the issues and are working to solve it.
That would go along way for me, but NO replies is like a slap in the face for your loyalty to their game.

Merging threads. Looking at my stats, 2503 is currently up and running on the latest build with a relatively healthy uptime. There’s not a ton of people on it, but it’s populated according to my list. Are you not able to play here?

It’s not showing up at all as an available server. All the others show up including 2500-2509 Except for 2503.

Hmm, okay. I’ll poke operations. Thanks! (I don’t have a console at home personally, so I can’t jump in to check myself)

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Not at all. Does not show in the list and waiting for the list to populate you get kicked out of the game.


same situation here but others similar show

all from what i can tell except 2503. just tried hard reset by unplugging. still 2503 doesn’t show in listing

We’re rebooting 2503, hopefully it should appear in the server list shortly.

Edit: Should be up now.

Ok, I did find 2503 now. I started playing around with server settings. Possibly our issue the whole time. Change from internet search to favorites. See if found there. I tried official but didn’t find, it though that is a screen full of a lot of numbers and may have glanced over it.

Only showed 7 players on so am sure most are still unaware. Crashing Still happening so time to try work around. Hope this helps others in this server thread.

We ran a test and confirmed it didn’t show in the server browser list on the office Xbox. That’s when we rebooted it; should be up now. Thanks for your patience!

Yeah it’s showing up now but I’m getting booted after 20 seconds. On my fourth attempt although I’m sure that’s a different issue.