Server #2503 Crashing Issue

Game mode: Online
Problem: Crashing & Performance
Region: American

Lets start with the fact I love the game. That being said, it is difficult to enjoy the game, you crash in the middle of a run or fight and when you return, no body to loot all your stuff gone. if I get in a fight I can’t handle and loose my stuff, that’s on me, But that isn’t the case. Stability must be made. this is borderline unplayable due to crashing. HIGHLY frustrating. Our entire group is ready to bench the game because of this Issue. I would hate to have that happen. Responses to this issue is highly wanted.

Something needs to be done.

Thank You

A friend and Myself Played this afternoon for about 2 1/2 hours in that time between the two of us, was kicked 6-7 times.

I’m also on 2503 we crash a lot here, i’ve noticed two areas that are crash hot spot recently. The black Galleon you will crash there more than get to play there and the other spot is getting worse is New Asagard. I think this is happening people people are building tons in the area. It looks like we need stability in regards to buildings on 2503