Game crashing(update 2.3)

Game mode: pve, unofficial server
Problem: game crash
Region: server is hosted in the uk

Game runs like a well oiled machine for me until I head north into the highlands. Once there the landscapes de-renders and looks like low resolution play dough. After running about for a little bit the game crashes and I have to relog.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go north past the breach game as normal(subjective)
    3.crash will happen randomly log and repeat


I have had some crashing in area around gods claw on pve official. And still real laggy and some crashing near large bases. I play on xbox one x. But dont crash near as much. About same as before bad update and isle for pc.

It’s not terrible tbh, only once every few hours. It’s the textures fe-rendering and going all wonky that gets me

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Hey @Twitchy

If you experience this issue again, could you record a small video showing these asset issues before the crash? If not, could you send us a screenshot of the map location where you experience this?
Since this is happening in a private server, are there any big player constructions around that area?

Thank you in advance.

I will do so thank you for the response. Also there are very few buildings on the server in general, it’s just me and 5 of my mates. We keep it simple. I would say well under 200 individual building pieces.

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Hey mate take a hike, it shows they are a dedicated lot. Getting back to their customers concerns with very little info on my specific issues so they can try to make heads or tails of it. If your that unsatisfied with Conan why not find a game you are satisfied with?


Please do remain constructive and keep this thread on the topic it started with :slight_smile:

Thank you for the additional information @Twitchy. If you have that video available, please make sure to make it available for us so we can get a better look at it.

Mate they ask for as much information as possible so as to make it possible for them to be able to reproduce the error we are experiencing. A game as big as CE and with as many mechanics all running together at once stuff is bound to go wrong but without adequate information the likelihood of being able to reliably reproduce the bug, investigate and pinpoint the problem and hence be able to create a fix is kinda nearly impossible Maybe try calming down just a wee bit.
Edit: the comment I was replying to has been rightly removed. Was not talking to op.

Have yet to be able to replicate atm, am going to try again tommorrow. I’m still getting a crash about every hour-ish or so

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Thanks for the additional information. We’re sending note to our team of a possible issue around that area you mentioned initially.
We do also receive the crashing reports sent by the game automatically, so hopefully that will help us iron out what could be the cause for this particular crash.

Here is the de-render, most of the mountains look like this consistently @Ignasi

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Thank you for the extra bit of confirmation @Twitchy . Our team has received your report and it will be looked into.

Approaching the Bridge of the Betrayer from the southern end can cause it to turn into a lump of play-doh. Single player mode. Xbox One S.

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