Game crashes when I try to connect to my usual server

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [Europe PvEC #2019]


My game has been crashing (for the past couple of days) to the Xbox home via a black screen every time I try to joint my clans PvEC server (#2019). My clan member is unaffected by the issue and I can joint all other serves that I’ve tried to join.

I’ve reset my Xbox and router (my Xbox is wired to the router), cleared the cache, and performed every other problem solving operation I can think of.

Is the server maybe in need of a reset or is it a bug at my end?


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I posted this reply to the main thread for the patch since it’s sort of a fix for now at least with our small server group so I hope it helps!

The fix has created a server issue which keeps disconnecting players repeatedly as soon as they connect. A temporary small fix is to clear your Xbox’s cache. To do so:

• Hold down your Xbox power button until it turns completely off. Not your controller button to power it off but the actual console power button. This will completely green power cycle it. Don’t turn it back on.

• Next you are going to clear the cache by unplugging the power brick from the wall or hopefully you have it plugged into a surge protector. Leave it unplugged for at least 30 seconds and ensure that even the orange light is not powered on for the power brick.

• Plug everything back in and power back up.

You will have to repeat this every time your Xbox powers down to play Conan until they patch it. When I turned mine back on which goes into sleep mode the issue was back. Managing the game and deleting your player data does not fix the issue either and neither does just green cycling the Xbox unfortunately. Also noting this is a hit or miss fix: for some it worked and they were able to get into the server while others were not. I was able to get in. Now after a couple of resets I can’t. :thinking: So I removed my post from there just in case this is just not the best fixand they end up patching very soon. Ugh, frustrating!!!

Thanks for the reply, like I said I’ve already cleared the cache (on numerous occasions) but it’s has unfortunately not been working for me. I tried to log in to Conan this morning and the issue was still there, however after leaving it for the day with no special treatment it now works!

Thanks for the help anyway,

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Play a Single Player game (offline) for 5-10 mins, it works for me and others so it may work for you.

Hi Lessli,

Unfortunately that trick didn’t work for this particular problem and I tried it a LOT. It’s my usual go to when I’m kicked from a server.

Thanks for the input,

You’re doing your "hard reset " wrong …unplug the power cord from the back of the xbox, so it’s totally dead for about 1 min, no need to unplug the Power Brick. When you do it this way it forces a “factory reset”, i don’t even bother turning the xbox off, i just uplug the cord out of the back and let it sit for min 40 secs.

I have the same bug .my game crash on server 2020 pve c (ue) .i try for turn off my Xbox one x but is not work .
When on the sever before crash ,when I show the list of player on the server ,the gamertag for all player is WMWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOW !

the problem is worse than before, I can not connect, this is really annoying! I hope that the problem will be solved

Same issue here non of thoes tricks above work… also game does not work so smooth that it should on Xbox one x… its not connectivity problem cause it does the same in singleplayer

For me on single player it’s working

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