Maybe I can get a response this time. Server #2117 on Xbox one is locking me out

This has to be a joke. I’ve been locked out of the server for 14 hours straight and 24 of the last 48 hours. I’ve now made 2 posts and sent 5 messages to different admins on the forum. I paid for this game it would be nice if I could actually play it.

Things I’ve done: reset my router, tried playing on WiFi and cable, cleared my cache and local saves, changed my xbox’s IP address, uninstalled and reinstalled.

The only thing that works is me playing on my cellular hotspot which I’m almost out of data for.

Again my server is Offical #2117 it’s an Offical EU server. Will someone from Funcom please help me. I’m really at a point where I’m going to stop playing this game if this continues. I shouldn’t be locked out of a game I paid like $50 bucks for.

I am having the same problem on server PvE 2585. Been trying everything to get on but nothing is working.

Good luck. These guys have to be the worst support department ever. At least reply to me and tell me you can’t fix it. Don’t just keep me hanging in the wind hoping they will help me.

Hey there, sorry to hear of the trouble. I’m currently looking into both servers 2117 and 2585 to see if this is something we can handle on our end. If the issue persists after tonight then I would strongly recommend making a support ticket at so we can look into it on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you for the response. Hope things get fixed.

Same issue with Xbox server 2502 and says lost connection to server been 14 hours I have reset modem xbox etc on my end

Still locked out. They seem to be taking the “let the 11pm refresh fix it” approach. I’ve submitted a ticket. Maybe they will fix the problem by following the advice posted on the forums that fixed many private servers.

Recondite - “SERVER-SIDE WORKAROUND: You need to set your server “ConnectionTimeout” parameters to a higher value in the UE config files - specifically, Engine.ini. This parameter is set to a BaseEngine default value of 60, which is almost certainly an oversight. The ConnectionTimeout value needs to be changed under BOTH of the following subsections:
[/Script/OnlineSubsystemUtils.IpNetDriver], and
A value of 180 to 300 should be sufficient to account for a majority of players. (Outliers beyond those ranges likely have other connection problems that need to be fixed, first).”

can u please restart server 2200 pvp been lock out smh

i lovre the game please help

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