Pending connection failure xboxone

Been locked out of the server #2116 PvP now since the reset 2 days ago. All my clan are playing, I can join other servers no problem. cant even get on using an alternate account from my xbox and I’ve tried everything on my end. Last resort was to wait until it resets again but that hasn’t helped. Please help me get back on as I would really like to play the game I’ve paid for. Any help would be appreciated even if it’s just telling me I’ll have to restart my character. Peace out.

Hi there,

The Developers are aware of this issue and are currently investigating the issue. I unfortunately do not have a time frame for when the issue will be fixed. Please keep a look out for more information as it becomes available.

Really? I’ve seen other threads with the same issue and it’s been fixed. No time frame, so I can’t play with my friends on my week off. Well all I can do is hope it’s soon I suppose. Thanks.

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