Connection Failure Pending, Xbox One

So… This has finally happened to me. Official server 2876. How it happened to me. I tried joining the server during the daily reset and the game kicked me because the server wasn’t active yet. I have tried almost every form of reset I can do to my xbox, router, and modem. Worst part of it… I have to listen to my clan members trying to hold off against high level players while our base is being raided… I feel useless right now…

Update on that raid… This raid is a continuation from a raid yesterday and the plan was to block off how they entered our base, but the whole not being able to join the server when everyone else had to get off didn’t help. Oh… And we just got zeroed with orbs from level 60’s.

So now 24 hours later, after the reset, I’ve been able to get back onto the server. Sad to see the base my friends and I built when the game launched got completely destroyed and all buildings in ruins…

I’m sorry to hear about the loss of progress after a restart. It is good to hear that you were able to get back in after a restart. We’re continuing to investigate reports like this.

Same today can’t get on 2651

i have been getting a pending connection error for about 3 hours on server 3090 . ive reset everything on my end and it will not connect me

I have the same problem, can’t conect to server #2985 pvp Xbox since yesterday almost 24hr now and I alredy reply and this issue was not fixed yet! Only that server dont work!!
Fix that please!

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