Pending Connection Failure - XBOX1

“Could not connect to server. Your connection to the host has been lost”

I have been getting this error message for approximately 9 hours now today. I was in game and having no issues (Performance has been relatively smooth outside of lagouts in high density areas).
All of a sudden my game kicked me to the main menu saying I lost connection to the server. Upon trying to rejoin, the loading screen will complete to around 90% and then this error message will pop up.

I’ve closed and re-opened the game. Turned off xbox. Hard wired connection. Cycled/turned off router. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game. None of this is working. I saw in a previous thread the server itself might need restarted??

I play on US official #2801. A response would be greatly appreciated. 2nd time in last 2 weeks there has been some sort of server issue my one off day I had set aside to grind mats.

Official PvP server 2568 has the same issue.

clan mates cant get on xbox 2725 but i can dont know why but it needs a restart i think.

I’m having the exact same problem and I’m also on 2801. I’ve tried absolutely EVERYTHING that the other guy did but the game is still saying “Pending Connection Failure”. My clan mates are able to play no problem but everytime the loading screen is so close to being done it sends me right back to the main menu. God Bless the soul that fixes this problem for everyone :joy:

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Im having the same Problem. please fix this asap!!! #2725

2729 official server is giving me pending connection failure… could I get some help?

2111 also. The constant problems with this game is getting beyond a joke now.

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2875 pvp official as well on xbox

Official 2100 doing same thing since reset last night. Can’t load in

also getting the same on 2805, and i really don’t want to have to start on another server

Same here on server 2117

Still happening on 2510

Same thing for me on 2585 official

2729 fix it this game is dying rapidly

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